Holiday-Ready Nails with Rimmel's NEW Super Gel Shades

If I could pick three beauty-related things which make me feel sassy and confident it would be winged liner (that goes right first time), a bangin' red lipstick and freshly painted nails. Although I have a very and habit of picking and biting my nails, when I muster the strength to grow them to a decent length, I love taking time to give myself a little manicure, painting my nails and making them look pretty. There's something about perfectly painted, un-chipped nail polish that just makes you feel like you have your life together, isn't there? The latest polishes to grace my nails has been this new range from Rimmel, the colours within which just scream summer.

Rimmel have been very busy with their new launches recently (these nail polishes are new to shelves, alongside these brow products, this innovative mascara and a new Instagram-themed launch- more on that soon!). The actual concept of these nail polishes have been around for a little while, however, it is the "beach-ready" shades which are the new addition to the Rimmel beauty line. The 2-step manicure essentially claims to be a gel manicure at home, without the need for any UV lamp and awkward removal process. Sounds pretty ideal to me- the last time I had a gel manicure my nails peeled and broke like crazy so anything that can give the same long-lasting glossy results without making my nails suffer the price is a winner in my books!

The 5 new shades sit alongside a range which already boasts 23 colours. Within the "beach-ready" collection we have 'Sun Fun Daze' (a bright medium pink), 'Coral Queen' (a vibrant orange that'd look great with a tan), 'Flamenco Beach' (a classic red), 'Dive Right In' (a blue-turquoise shade) and 'Purple Splash' (a pale lilac tone). All are incredibly bright and fun shades that, as the name suggests, would look perfect on holiday by the beach. I'm not personally a huge fan of brightly coloured nails and tend to opt for classic shades like nudes, pinks, reds and greys (BORING, I know) but I actually really like these as a change from my norm. The red is an absolute classic but is a bit brighter and bolder than some shades I own, making it a contender for when you want something classy but fun. I did try the lilac shade (which I thought was going to be a favourite) but I thought it looked far too pale against my (also very pale) skin-tone- perhaps a tan is needed to pull this one off!

With regards to the quality, the nail polish colours themselves are easy to apply due to the flat, thick brush which is an absolute dream to use. It makes application really quick and accurate. The formula dries really quickly, allowing you to build up the layers- handy, as you probably will need a few of them. I found with the lighter shades especially that this nail polish comes out quite streaky- with Purple Splash I needed three coats before the polish was opaque, and even then a few small streaks were visible despite my best efforts. If this polish didn't dry so quickly, this would probably be a deal-breaker for me. It is annoying, but as you can add a coat and build up to opacity so quickly it isn't the biggest issue. Still, when other brands have nail varnishes available for the same price but better quality, it does put you off.

With this range, it is the top coat that stands out the most. The colour on it's own wouldn't last more than a day, but the gel top coat helps to transform the manicure and make it last that little bit longer. Surprisingly, when I applied the top coat over these Beach Ready nail polishes, they lasted 3-4 days without chips (although Rimmel claim up to 2 weeks' wear...yeah right!). Not that impressive, given that you can buy other brands which offer more longevity without the need to buy an extra top coat. However, I thought I'd try the top coat out with another brand's nail polish, and it actually worked a  bit better- I wore this on holiday for the past week and it wasn't until day 5-6 that I noticed chips. Ultimately, the colours are pretty, fun and summery, but don't expect them to last very long. If anything, I would recommend just buying the top coat and using this on top of your favourite nail polishes to help them last a bit longer! They cost £5.99 each, although Boots and Superdrug currently have a 3 for 2 offer on Rimmel products.

Have you tried the Super Gel nail polishes? What do you think of these new bright colours?

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