Love At First Use: Sleek's Highlight Palette in 'Solstice'

You may have seen photos of this gorgeous product over my social media or had a glimpse of it's beautifulness in my post about some beauty bits I received for my birthday. I've taken a very short (week) break from blogging just to regain my mojo for writing and all the inevitable admin that comes with the hobby, but I couldn't resist opening my laptop and writing about this palette which I have fallen so head over heels for. Although I've tried liquid and stick form highlighters, I never get the look I want from them- I've always preferred powder formulas. When my usual highlight powder block ran out, I knew exactly what I wanted to try next. I've seen photos of Sleek's 'Solstice' highlight palette all over Instagram (probably because it is so photogenic) and completely adore the range of shades available. So, when my birthday came around, this was first on my wishlist!

I honestly think that Sleek are one of the best budget brands around, especially when it comes to powder-type products such as highlight, blush, bronzer, contour etc. Ever since I discovered their Blush by 3 palette (review from way back in the day here), I have been wowed by how pigmented their products are; they are like nothing else I've tried! You definitely get more than your money's worth with this brand. The packaging of most of their products are black and very minimalist, much like their name suggests. This palette, however, sticks with this simplistic theme but comes packaged in a beautifully elegant gold casing which I can't get enough of. One downside is to this reflective gold casing is that it instantly becomes littered with fingerprint marks (nothing you can't wipe off though!).

Within each of their highlight palettes (Solstice isn't the only one, they also do similar palettes called Cleopatra's Kiss, Midas Touch and Precious Metals, however, I felt this one was the better match for my paler skin tone), there are four different shades available. Four highlights for £10! I think that's pretty good value (especially if you factor in 10% student discount in Superdrug)! Solstice's four shades are 'ecliptic' (top left), 'hemisphere' (top right), 'subsolar' (bottom left) and 'equinox' (bottom right). All are powder formulas except for Ecliptic, which has a light creamy texture which is actually still very easy to blend. However, I do still prefer the powder formulas despite the cream shade being gorgeous. The one I was most unsure of when I received this was Hemisphere- I was worried that it would be too purple, especially given the strong pigmentation of Sleek powders! Instead, it's more silvery on the skin (rather than purple), making it a perfect highlight shade for pale skin tones. Subsolar is a great general highlighting shade whilst Equinox has beautiful golden tones which just provide the most stunning glow, making this my most used shade so far.

Although you can build these highlighters up if you so wish, I find that these are so pigmented that one sweep across the cheekbones is more than enough. That said, I do prefer a subtle shimmer rather than going overboard. They aren't glittery as such, but just provide your skin with a natural shimmer and radiance. I adore everything about this palette, and I've been turning to it every day. The shades, how they look on my skin, the's got all you'd ever need. Perfect for a subtle glow or a more full on look, I honestly couldn't recommend this palette enough. It's a case of need as well as want!

Have you tried this palette? What's your favourite highlighting product?

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  1. I neeeeed to try one of these sleek palettes, they're soo gorgeous! My fave highlight right now is probably from my sleek contour palette - even more reason to buy one of these!xx

    Lucy x |

    1. Ooh I'll have to look at the contour palette...Would be good when trying to save space in luggage on holiday! Also of their palette products are such high quality! X

  2. This is so gorgeous, ahhh. I've been wanting this palette forever. I know I can order Sleek online but I want to see it in person and I'll be moving back to the UK in September so hopefully I can get my hands on it then!

    1. I know what you mean...I had to go in to Superdrug to see it and get a feel for the shades / pigmentation but honestly it's so worth getting. Such a big move, hope all goes well!! X

  3. I feel like I'm the only beauty lover on the planet that hasn't tried this and after your review I think I need to change that. A little trip to Superdrug/Boots looks on the cards for this week.

    Sarah <3


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