COMING SOON: Gobsmacked Lipsticks (The New Brand You NEED To Know About)

Back when I started this blog, I was obsessed with lipsticks. Anything bright and bold was adored, and I loved the way a sassy colour on my lips could make me feel instantly confident. Pinks and reds were my main choice, however, fast forward a few years and (although I do love a red lip from time to time- who doesn't!?) it's mainly understated nude tones that I wear more in my day to day life, if I wear any at all! When Sophie Ebeling, founder of Gobsmacked, emailed me regarding her new lipstick brand I was so intrigued. I'm very fussy about the quality of lipsticks that I wear- anything other than nourishing, long-lasting, true-to-colour and comfortable and it's chucked aside. On my first try of this stunning new product I knew this was going to be a brand to watch.

Funnily enough, Sophie actually went to the same university as me- we even have mutual uni friends but our paths never seemed to cross, which is a shame because we have more than just uni in common! She decided to set up Gobsmacked as an extension of her vegan lifestyle. Although I think the days of looking down upon vegan and natural beauty seem to be past us, it's great to see a brand adding to this variety of choice which beauty consumers seem to have right now. The lipstick is toxic-free, fairtrade, cruelty-free, vegan, natural and the bullet is encased within am eco-friendly and biodegradable bamboo tube (bamboo is one of the world's fastest naturally renewing resources). The packaging is definitely different from what I usually chose (I tend to be drawn to plain, sleeker designs), but I've grown to love this. It definitely stands out and keeps with the natural theme of the brand; certainly a unique product which is embossed with the trademark lip mark on the lid and brand name around the middle. It's cute and quirky, but what I love most is the lipstick itself.

The lipsticks will initially be available in four shades; each are inspired by 1920s flapper femininity and boasts elegant pinks, nudes and soft mauves. The shade I have (to test for market research) is the most gorgeous nude shade with subtle pink tones. It is the most perfect nude shade for my skin tone and subsequently, this is the lipstick I've been turning to on almost a daily basis! It's rekindled my love for lipstick and is fab for adding a little bit of glam without being bold (ideal for work!). The formula is really creamy and nourishing on my lips- it's honestly one of the most comfortable lipsticks to wear and sits in joint first place with my ultimate favourite Clinique Colour Pop bullets. There is a subtle shimmer to the lipstick which I also adore (I don't get on with matte shades at all so much prefer a touch of shimmer or glossy finish with lipsticks). In my eyes, it's the perfect nude lipstick and is such a high-quality product- I can't wait to try out other shades and am so excited for Gobsmacked's launch in August this year. Honestly, this is a brand you need to know about- I think they're set for big things with products this good.

What's your favourite lipstick brand that you always turn to?

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