Review: Dr Pawpaw's Multi Purpose Soothing Balms

If there's one thing I love, it's a good multi-functional beauty product. Not only do they give you an extra 10 minutes in bed, but can save oodles of space in your make-up bag (not to mention saving you money!). Dr Pawpaw is one of these products that have many uses; the balm can help temporarily soothe dry patches of skin, provide some glossy moisture to lips, be used as a makeshift cuticle oil and also provide a hint of tint to cheeks (and this isn't the end to its uses!). Their multi purpose soothing balms are something I have heard a lot about but never tried out for myself. Although they aren't a product I find myself constantly turning to, I have found they are a good beauty item to keep in your handbag for when emergency chapped lips strike.

One of the main ingredients in these balms is where the brand gets its name from- carica papaya (or pawpaw as it's known in Australia). It's an incredibly nutrient-rich fruit that is packed with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins B (helps defend against dry, flaky skin) and C (great antioxidant, firming and toning properties). It's no wonder Australians have sworn by this balm and the power of papaya for ages, leading to it being introduced to the UK in November 2013. Alongside this power fruit, Dr Pawpaw contains olive oil (packed with vitamin E which is known for helping to repair damaged skin whilst providing hydration) and aloe vera which is again filled with vitamins that will help soothe your skin and fight inflammations. These key ingredients has lead to the original balm being perfect for healing spot flare ups, as well as general moisturising purposes.

Despite this, I don't really use the balm for moisturising anything other than my lips when they start to feel a bit dry. The balms also contain petrolatum, which is the main element in products like Vaseline. Although the petrolatum in Dr Pawpaw has gone through a number of purification processes and it is a commonly used ingredient within beauty (1 in 7 cosmetics, apparently!), I have never found this ingredient good for moisturising dry skin. It feels a lot like Vaseline in texture and I have found I need something more nourishing for dry patches of skin. I have tried using it as a cuticle oil (my dermatillomania means my fingers are covered in dry, flaky scabs...nice), and it does soothe my hands temporarily and provides a quick fix that's great for when you're out and about, but it's not something that I would use regularly as, like Vaseline, I find my skin still feels quite dry afterwards.

Although the original balm has the most uses, I think it is the tinted versions that I love more. I find the added colour means I am more inclined to use them as a lip balm and I love the subtle sheen it provides. There are 3 tints available; peach pink, ultimate red and a limited edition red sparkle. Although the red sparkle version is a bit too glittery for my liking, the peach tint has to be my favourite. It looks great on the lips, but also works well as a subtle tint to cheeks when dabbed just along the cheekbone; the balm element providing a healthy glowy look (lip balm, highlight and blush all in one!). Another element of these balms which have added to their fan-base is the fact that they are paraben and alcohol free and are now certified cruelty-free (they have never tested on animals, but have recently gotten official recognition).

At the moment, I am a bit torn on these balms. I think they are great to chuck in your bag as a quick-fix for dry lips, a dewy cheek or soothing spots as they start appearing, but it's not the first thing I would rely on for a hit of moisture or hydration. I think both the original balm and tinted balms are perfect for weekend trips or holidays where you have limited space for beauty products; I can see them being something I rely on quite a lot on my summer holiday due to its many uses. For £6.95 a tube, I think they are worth getting if you are looking for a product that will be multi-functional as they are so affordable. They're nice and certainly useful, but I'm just not 100% wowed by the quality.

What do you think of Dr Pawpaw? What are your favourite multi-functional products?

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