NEW Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara Review

You may have seen pictures and some reviews recently of another new Rimmel launch. The folk at Rimmel have been very busy indeed recently- you may remember that they also launched these shake brow powders not long ago, and it seems they're keeping with the shaky theme. This Volume Shake mascara is quite an innovative product, the main feature being quite a heavy tube which sits within the mascara. The sole purpose of this addition is to shake things up- quite literally, as when the formula seems to be drying up, a quick shake of the mascara will refresh the product and keep it as good as new. Although I haven't had the mascara long enough to test if this actually works, I do have a few things to say about the mascara in general.

This product seems to be one that ticks all the boxes on paper and makes you think 'oooh that's clever!'. Let's face it, mascaras drying up and going clumpy is one of the beauty banes of our lives, so why wouldn't we welcome this launch with open arms?! It seems to have answered our mascara prayers with its ingeniousness. And I do love the idea of it; if this shaky tube thingy really does work then it's going to change future products and also what we expect from our mascara. However, the issue with this product is that the formula itself isn't that amazing.

The bristles on the brush are exactly what you would expect from a volumising mascara and it does do a great job at coating every single lash, in turn making your lashes looking fuller and thicker. But, I do think there are better volumising mascaras out there. The formula is very wet meaning it's easy to smudge and I found it was quite difficult to build up the layers to get much of an impact from my short trichotillomania lashes (when I had them, I'm back to being a baldy now). If you love a natural lash look and just want a subtle mascara that gives the 'your lashes but better' effect then this is perfect for you. If you want a little more from your mascara and love creating dramatic, thick and long lashes, then this isn't going to be the right product at all.

The mascara packaging itself is unusually heavy due to this added secret tube within the product. This isn't an issue- it wasn't expected, but I didn't dislike it. It's quite a chunky product that isn't going to be as handbag friendly as maybe some others are, so bear this in mind! You also get slightly less product than your standard mascara presumably because of the space taken up by the shake tube. In all honestly, this is an OK mascara with an innovative twist and it only costs £8.99. However, I personally would rather spend a little more, get an ace mascara formula that really works for my lashes and not have the shake element that will prolong it's 'life'. I'd choose a fab formula that I love that will last a shorter amount of time than have an average mascara that lasts for longer. There is no disputing that it is a fascinating launch and interesting concept though and I'm excited to see how this changes other brands' mascara products from now on.

Have you tried this new mascara from Rimmel? What do you think of it?

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  1. Really great in depth review of this mascara. You make some really interesting points, especially about the formula. I look forward to reading some more of your content :)

    <3 Hannah

    1. Thank you Hannah, that's really sweet of you to say x


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