INSTA GIRL: Primark Beauty Just Got Instagrammable

Primark isn't your usual place to go beauty shopping. It's great for picking up a bargainous outfit, but when it comes to make-up, it's not the first place you think of. However, I have tried a few bits and pieces over the years and have come to love some of it (namely their false nails, false eyelashes- which are surprisingly good- and nail varnish remover pots). Although they have their standard PS Love beauty range, Primark have just released a new collection which is oh so instagrammable...the Insta Girl range. Although I'm unsure about the concept for this (I for one hate the Instagram / blogger cliches that the range capitalises on), the makeup pieces that it has produced are pretty darn cute.

Out of this range, I only picked up a couple of nail pieces as the Primark in Brighton isn't the best and I couldn't really see much else of the range there. On top of nail varnishes and false nails, Primark have launched flash photo powder, face perfecting priming balm, lip plumping gloss, liquid lipsticks, matte bullet lipsticks and I think there's an Insta Girl fragrance too. All products come packaged in an on-trend white packaging which actually looks a lot more expensive than it is. Part of me hates to say it for fear of being sucked into the cliches, but I really do like the packaging for this range! You can check out the first snaps of the launch here for a better idea. The liquid lipsticks come in a range of nude tones which look very pretty and wearable, but when you've got the likes of NYX creating cult products for affordable prices, it's debatable as to whether these will be able to compete. I'm keeping my mind open though! I have never tried Primark lipsticks so I cannot comment on the quality- with a lot of their products the finish is hit or miss so if you've tried them please do let me know what you think of their lip products!

One thing I can review, however, is the nail lacquer that I picked up in store. There were only a couple of shades in the Brighton shop from what I could see- this beautiful nude tone and another slightly darker shade. All of the nude nail varnishes I own are more on the pink side, so this brown-toned one was a welcomed addition to my collection. Primark claims that you only need one coat of this, to which I thought 'pfft, yeah right', but that really is true. The varnish was opaque within one application! I applied two just to neaten things up but this was just my personal preference. I am so in love with the colour- it might be a bit boring for some, but for me, I adore the subtlety and think it looks really classy. The brush is fine- nothing special but does the job well. I would recommend putting a clear top coat over the varnish- without, it chipped after a day, but with a top coat it must have been 4 or 5 days before it started chipping. Really amazing quality stuff here for only £1.50, plus it dries super quickly so there's no waiting around in fear of it smudging! If there's one thing you buy from the range I recommend that this is it!

These false nails in 'Insta Queen' are also to die for. I've tried to avoid the marble trend for so long in fear of looking like every other blogger out there, but I think a bit of marble on your nails is subtle enough to get away with! The nails have a more blunt tip than others, and whilst I was a bit worried of them seeming too long and claw-like for my liking (I usually go for shorter, squarer nails), these are actually OK. The glue is useable but isn't the strongest, meaning they don't last that long. If you have a spare glue from a different packet (I love the Elegant Touch glue) then I would recommend using that instead. But these are just so cute that I didn't really care too much about quality, especially as they only cost £1.50! I've finally got some marble in my life...and on my Instagram.

Which bits from the new range do you like the look of? Are you a fan of Primark beauty? If so, which pieces do you love?

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  1. I haven't been to a Primark in ages, but I do really like all of these bits, I'mall for the nude pink & marble combo!

    1. It's actually really good quality too- I'm very pleasantly surprised!


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