Neutrogena CC Cream: The Lightweight Base That's Perfect For Everyday Wear

When I moved house back in December, I had a huge clear out of all of the rubbish I have accumulated in Brighton over the past four years. Old uni fancy dress wear was chucked, outdated accessories left behind, and an overhaul of my make-up collection ensued. Having a make-up addiction, a mum that hands everything down and a beauty blogger cousin means that my collection of beauty goodies can get quite large and needs clearing out regularly; most things don't see light as I stick to my tried and tested favourites, meaning I often miss some absolute gems that are hidden in my stash. One of these gems is the Neutrogena Visibly Clear CC Cream. I would not think of this brand if I wanted a base product, as it's definitely a company better known for their face washes! However, my judgement was wrong and I've now been wearing this almost every day for the past month!

Although I've tried a few BB creams in the past, I don't think I've actually used a CC cream before this one. With the alliteration standing for 'colour correcting', this is your one-stop foundation and concealer in one whilst somehow remaining as light as a BB cream. Neutrogena claims that it instantly covers spots whilst helping to correct the colour, neutralising your skin tone to create an even base, ready to build upon with other products such as blush, contour, bronzer and highlighter to make your face a bit more three-dimensional. I have to say, I was sceptical about this brand, especially as, whilst they're known for their affordable skin care staples, there are so many other brands that do foundation-type products and do them well.

What's more is that this Correct & Perfect CC cream also contains Microclear technology, supposedly helping your skin to appear clearer (much like the claims of their cleansing products). A foundation-type base which clears your skin?! That's new! Despite this claim, I haven't found that it has affected my skin in the slightest, which is a shame but not the reason I've been using this anyway so I don't feel as though I've lost out on anything! The tube needs a little shake before use, otherwise it can run a little thin. You only need a small amount with this product as (although it's cliché) a little goes a long way. One downside to this product is that it's only available in shades 'light' and 'medium'- not a very good range here and a lot of room for improvement on the diversity front! I have the 'light' shade and it does match my skin tone perfectly; I think it's one of those products where you don't need the shade to be spot on as the tone is a bit more universal within the category.

It feels so light on your skin- something I adore for everyday wear as I hate going to work feeling I've got loads of slap on my face! There's no cakey, oily or drying textures- just a happy medium of everything! Despite it's light texture (which I find best buffed in using my favourite blending sponge), the coverage is surprisingly good. If you like a heavier foundation, this won't be for you, but for a CC cream this works hard to even my complexion and create a base that is (for me) perfect for simple, everyday wear. I've been very pleasantly surprised by this Neutrogena base product and I'm glad I rediscovered it, especially as I'm using it every day at the moment! At £6.99 it's completely affordable too...even better!

Are you a fan of CC creams or do you prefer to stick with a good old fashioned foundation?

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