Applying False Lashes: To Tweeze or Not To Tweeze?

For the past 8 years, I've been wearing false eyelashes to cover up signs of the fact that I have no real ones of my own. Trichotillomania has left me bald for pretty much all of my life, so when I discovered false lashes, it gave me a glimpse of hope that I could perhaps, for the first time, look normal again. As with all new beauty techniques, it takes a long time to perfect a skill- and after all this time I'm still far from being a pro at applying the falsies! However, practise makes perfect, as they say, and over time you will try new things and new ways of applying which will eventually lead to you finding styles and methods you are most comfortable with. In all beauty tutorials, the gurus always use tweezers to apply their lashes. This was a foreign concept for me, as I grew comfortable with applying them with my fingers. So which method really is better for applying them to bald lids?

There isn't really a correct answer to this, and it essentially boils down to what you find easiest and most natural to do. A while ago, I was having a conversation with Gweni from G Beauty about how she applies her lashes. She is a fellow trichotillomania sufferer and her false lashes always look on point. No, seriously, you cannot even tell they are fake she applies them so well! When I apply mine, I set the glued up lash onto my lid, starting in the middle before placing each of the corners. I find that on bald lids, this sometimes isn't enough, and I gently press down on the parts of the lashes which I find are peeling back up or not setting as well. However, despite how lightly you pat down, I've realised that a finger is always going to be too heavy for delicate lashes. The pressure and action of pressing them down makes the lashes lose that lift, meaning that they can droop down slightly when there are no lashes underneath to support them.

Gweni suggested using tweezers to apply them instead of using my fingers, and that this might help achieve the lift I've been longing after. I think this is what makes false lashes look natural. Natural lashes don't really droop down that much, so when mine do, it kind of gives the game away. Having that lifted flutter would be the ultimate disguise. However, I have tried using regular tweezers in the past, as they show in all the online beauty tutorials, and it was just too much of a faff for me- I didn't have the control I wanted when applying and placing the lashes, and I could just never get them right (hence why I gave up altogether and continued to use my fingers). This is where Gweni's recommendation of the Nouveau Lashes fine point tweezers came in, and they have transformed my false lash game.

These extra long tweezers may seem as though they would be even less precise that regular, shorter ones but they are the best things I've ever used for putting false lashes on. The tip is so incredibly fine, and you can hold the tweezers quite near the end and still get a good grip. Once I've lined the lashes with glue (and popped a bit of glue along my natural lash line too for good measure), I simply pick up the lashes half way down the lash length, usually in the middle as this is the part I place first- the tweezers should be parallel to the lash strip. Tilt the tweezers so that the lashes are pointing more upwards (rather than forwards, which I used to do) and then place that middle section onto your lid. Wiggle it in place, and once this is secure, use the tweezers to place the corners- all whilst trying to keep those lashes pointing up, as this is what will give you the lift. I've found that if parts start peeling up (which they usually don't), then the tweezers are a good tool to gently nudge them back into place. What's better is that you can grab the false lashes where you want to check they are secured and gently wiggle them to check that they are firmly glued down- this is a far better technique that pressing down with your fingers!

The results I've had since using these tweezers are phenomenal and have made such a difference to how I apply the lashes. For once I actually think they look natural, and has opened a whole new false lash world to me! Although I found tweezers a faff in the past, there is something about these Nouveau Lashes ones which are so incredibly easy to use- I got it spot on first time, and I'm by no means a pro at doing this. Despite the fact that it was my preferred method in the past, I don't think I'll ever go back to using my fingers to apply false lashes now I have these tweezers in my life. I cannot express how much easier they make applying false lashes, and I would 100% recommend getting them if you have trichotillomania or hair loss and struggle with getting your false eyelashes right. They only cost £10 but will make applying them a whole lot simpler for you (you can find them on the Nouveau Lashes website here). Now I totally get why all the beauty gurus use them!

Which method do you prefer for applying false lashes? Do you have any tips or tricks for getting them right?

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you love them. I honestly have not got a clue how I managed to apply lashes without them. Really loved the review. Bae xxx


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