Ancient Egyptian Skincare: L'Or Des Pharaons' Innovative GOLD Anti-Aging Face Mist

All you have to do is browse online or peruse your local Boots to find that anti-aging products are two-a-penny. It's one of the most in-demand elements of the beauty industry, with innovative products being churned out and released faster than I can chomp down a bar of Milka (OK, maybe not that fast). Dutch brand The Health Factory have created a face mist with a surprising ingredient; gold. It may sound luxurious, but this added element actually has incredibly skin care functions that even Ancient Egyptians reaped the benefits of. Taking heed from the Pharaoh's use of the precious metal, the brand have created this face mist using a combination of modern technology and ancient wisdom. As a beauty enthusiast and ex-history student, this is right up my street!

We've all heard the stories told about Cleopatra; the last Egyptian Queen who ruled the ancient civilisation before it became part of the Roman Empire, the affair with Julius Caesar, the fatal love story between her and Mark Anthony, the suicide by cobra. Ancient Egyptian women historically loved their beauty and skincare, looking after their skin with a plethora of early innovations to pursue youth and health as well as adorning their faces with early make-up made from black kohl, henna and red ochre. For ancient Egyptians, beauty was linked to holiness, and gold was considered a gift from the gods. The skincare benefits of gold were capitalised upon by the Egyptians, using face masks to preserve skin's youthfulness and rejuvenate their complexion. It's an ancient secret that we haven't really seen within modern skincare, so it's about time someone listened to our ancient ancestors!

The Health Factory's creator, Steven de Koenigswarter, took on board the ancient Egyptians love for gold when looking for cures for a serious eye infection. The steroid injections given to him by Harley Street doctors were said to be the only solution, yet Steven started looking further afield for something that might work better. He discovered the healing benefits of silver and started experimenting with other high quality precious metals in concentrated amounts. This L'Or des Pharaons face mist combines purified water with the extraction of nano gold, silver, platinum, zinc and other minerals- the particles are small enough to pass through the cell membranes to provide your skin with a deep, efficient and effective absorption of these concentrated ingredients.

Targeting anti-aging at a deeper, cellular level is supposed to create a more lasting effect on your skin. A few spritzes of this face mist after cleansing but before you apply any other creams and serums will aid the absorption of your products as well as refreshing and rejuvenating your skin. It's an innovative step to add to your skincare routine and will certainly allow you to benefit more from your products. Whether this will turn back the effects of time is up for debate, but you can't deny the history, science and luxury combination of this product is simply fascinating.

Are you also fascinated about the history of beauty? What do you think about using these ancient ways within your skincare?

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  1. I've never seen anything like this before. It sounds like something I must try.


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