Step Away From The Screen! Easing Tired Eyes With Optrex Warming Eye Masks

Our jobs, hobbies and down-time; there’s usually one thing that links all of these nowadays and that is looking at some form of screen. I know that staring at a computer screen all day for my job, blogging on my laptop when I get in and then watching a bit of TV for relaxation is really taking its toll on my eyes. It’s incredible to think just how important screen-based technology is to us nowadays- we are permanently glued to our smartphones in an attempt to be constantly connected. Strain on your eyes and headaches come as an unfortunate side effect, but Optrex have launched these specialised warming eye masks to not only relieve tired eyes, but provide you with ten minutes of relaxation away from your most-loved device.

Using unique Microsteam technology, the warming sensation within these clever masks activates as soon as you open the packet, although takes a few minutes to reach optimum temperature. The masks are padded to protect your eyes; just unwrap, pop the funny elastic straps behind your ears, adjust the mask into the perfect position and take a ten minute nap. When these arrived, I was unsure about how much you would be able to feel the warmth coming through the padding but you can most definitely feel it! It isn’t hot at all, just a pleasant warm feeling that eases your peepers and the surrounding area. Also thinking it would be a bit gimmicky, I was surprised to take this off after ten minutes to find that my eyes felt so soothed and relaxed- I could’ve so easily fallen asleep!

What I love most about these (as if a cosy, warm hug for yours eyes wasn’t enough) is the fact that it encourages you to take time out. Having a break from the TV, blogging, Twitter… my phone was left on my bedside cabinet and I was able to have some much-needed time away from it. It’s the perfect excuse for some down-time but isn’t too long to stop you doing whatever you need to do in the evening. Just ten minutes of your time to relax and take the strain away from your eyes after a day of staring at screens. I felt so tired after using this that I would definitely recommend popping a mask on just before you go to bed- especially if you have trouble sleeping. The heat was still going after ten minutes so if you fancied a bit of a longer pamper then I’m sure you could leave these on until the warmth starts to fade.

Although these aren’t the most glamourous looking items (I think it’s definitely something- probably the only thing- they could work on with this product), they are 10 minutes of pure bliss. Plus, when they are on your eyes you can’t see the basic design anyway! They are available in either fragrance-free or a lavender scent- I tried the fragrance-free mask but I will definitely be picking up the lavender ones next as I adore that scent and I’m sure it adds to the relaxation/ spa-feel even more! For only £3.99 for a pack of two (or £9.99 for a pack of 8), these are such an affordable way to take some pressure off of your eyes, have some well-deserved pamper time and just relax. They may not necessarily look the part, but they sure do work wonders. 

Would you give these eye masks a go? Do you agree that we need to put our phones down more and take time to relax?

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  1. These sound like they are exactly what I need. My eyes feel so tired and dry in this harsh weather!

    Amina xx |

    1. Honestly these things are amazing. Will make your eyes feel so relaxed and send you off to sleep, haha! xx


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