6 Simple Ways To Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is something I have never had much of. Being naturally quite shy, coupled with my experience of trichotillomania, meant that I have always done everything I can to deflect any attention away from myself. However, with time, my confidence has grown so much. University brought me out of my shell and my acceptance of my hair loss has taught me to not feel as self-conscious of how I look. Although for some it comes with time and age, there are some smaller day-to-day things I do that help boost my confidence just a little; enough to give that feel-good, sassy, I-can-take-on-the-world feeling.


There's nothing better than sashaying out of a salon, swishing your new perfectly-conditioned and styled locks, is there? It's often easy to get into a beauty rut with your hair; I know that I get bored of my cut and colour quite easily and, as such, get a bit unenthusiastic about my whole beauty look. Hair can be incredibly important to how you feel; much psychological and sociological research has linked just how vital hair is to the idea of womanhood and women's perception of their own femininity. Booking an appointment to bring some life back into your barnet can help you feel so much better about yourself and switching up your hair 'do can do the world of good for boosting your confidence.

Hint Hint: I always look at a salon's work on Instagram before I book (if I can). It gives you a great idea of what to expect and examples of what to ask for.


Throughout the twentieth century, the ultimate femme-fatal wore perfectly styled hair, a killer dress and painted their lips with a daring red colour. There is something about the timeless, classic red lipstick that has historically made women feel sexy and powerful. The eye-catching, bold colour draws attention to you in a fearless manner and oozes confidence. There's a reason it has always been a staple in the classic movie-star beauty arsenal. Not only does it look amazing, but it tells people you're in charge; only a confident woman could pull off such a daring look! Finding the perfect tone for you makes wearing red lipstick even more exciting. As soon as I apply a slick of my favourite blue-toned lipstick I honestly feel like the sassiest, most confident person ever. It's no wonder this pop of colour is most women's favourite confidence-booster!

J'Adore: Clinique's Colour Pop lipsticks are an absolute dream. The formula, the staying-power, the tones...I just love everything about them.


I can't be the only one who feels completely naked without having their nails painted, can I? Putting 10-15 minutes aside in the evening to paint your nails a pretty colour and slather on some nourishing hand cream not only gives you a bit of down-time but can also help lift your mood. I feel so much better with perfect, unchipped nails. I don't know what it is about having a fresh manicure, but it definitely makes you feel that little bit sassier. What's even better is having someone do your nails for you...a little trip to get a mani/pedi gives you that pamper time to help you unwind. Little beauty treatments here and there are an amazing way to make you feel that little bit better about yourself.

My Favourites: I love KIKO nail polishes for a quick fix in the evening, or Elegant Touch nails for some pristine falsies.


I don't want to sound too risque, but putting on a new set of glamourous lingerie can make you feel a million dollars. Whether you're dressing up or just wearing it underneath your old boring work clothes, having a beautiful set of matching underwear on instantly makes me feel like I have my life together. Not only is it pretty to look at, but the sexiness of a new lingerie set makes you feel so confident; who doesn't feel so much better about themselves when they're wearing a delicate lacy bra instead of your usual, frumpy t-shirt bra that's gone slightly grey in the wash?

Top Brand: You may not think of them immediately, but it's well worth checking out Simply Be for their beautiful range of lingerie. There's something for everyone; an array of styles from elegant and pretty to super saucy, surprisingly reasonable prices and catering for cup sizes from A to L and back sizes from 28 to 42. Although it's perfect for bigger-boobed gals looking for some well-fitting and gorgeous undies, their beautiful range is also available to smaller-boobed ladies, making them incredibly accessible and non-exclusive. Some of my favourites can be found below.



They might not be for everyone, but finding the perfect set of natural-looking false lashes to make up for my lack-of is one thing that can make me go from self-conscious to confident in a second. Although you can end up faffing around trying to apply them, for me, a pair of false lashes that can be passed off as my own and covers my trichotillomania seamlessly has a huge impact on how I feel about myself. I feel more feminine, more pretty, and more like how I should be. My issues with making eye contact disappear and I just generally feel like I don't have to 'hide away'.

Great For Trichotillomania: My favourites for covering hair loss at the moment include Eylure, Kiss and Nouveau Lashes. All of these brands offer a great range of natural styles that look like your own lashes, but better.


It's well known that your sense of smell is incredibly powerful and closely linked with emotion. Your nose will tell you your likes and dislikes and dictate how you feel about something. Wearing a perfume that's been carefully selected to suit your mood can really help on the confidence front. I often mix up my fragrances, picking something lighter and more floral during summer months and something warm and hearty for colder times. Wearing the right perfume for how you feel and what you're doing can help lift your mood, make you feel more sexy and boost your confidence.

What I'm Wearing: This glam-rock perfume by YSL is my favourite at the moment. Black opium is a surprising sensual mix of black coffee, white florals and vanilla, making it intriguing, warm and unusual all at the same time. I find the slight heaviness perfect for these more wintery months.

Do you have anything else that you find helps to boost your confidence on a day-to-day basis? Are there any brand favourites you would add to this list?

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This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Simply Be, however, all opinions are my own. I love the range of lingerie they offer!



  1. A new haircut does so much for my confidence, even it's just a little trim. I always want to walk around swishing my hair for everyone to see, haha.

    Gorgeous pictures, by the way! xo

    1. Thank you! There's something about getting your hair done isn't there?! xx


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