3 Relaxing Oils To Pop In Your Bath This Winter

Now that I have a non-student flat to live in, I am definitely taking advantage of being able to use a (nice, clean) bath. It's something I have missed dearly since starting university; having long, de-stressing baths were something that would be a 'treat' whenever I popped home to visit family instead! As the colder nights draw in and people start getting snuffly with illness, running a nice hot bath can be an amazing way to sooth the flu aches and help you unwind in the evening. Although bath bombs can be a fun addition, I have recently been using a few drops of these lovely bath oils alongside some basic bubble bath (I can't have a bath without bubbles!). The added aromatherapy element has been proven to not only please your nostrils but the oils help to nourish your skin and ameliorate your mental well-being through ultimate relaxation. If this isn't a reason to start using some aromatherapy oils in your bath, I don't know what is! Here are a few of my favourites to suit your different needs...

THE COLD-BUSTER: Neal's Yard Remedies Aromatherapy Blend Cleanse (£9.70)

This little bottle of beautiful oil has become a life-saver in the past few weeks in my household. The strong blend of black pepper, sage, peppermint and lemon makes for a heady scent that reminds me a lot of the infamous Olbas oil that is so loved for decongestion when you're all blocked up with flu. It's powerful, fresh and cleansing- a perfect alternative for anyone with a cold. Adding a few drops of this to a hot steamy bath fills the bathroom with a lovely tingly aroma that'll see your nose unblock and breathing return to normal. Although Neal's Yard suggest a vaporiser or inhaling by adding a few drops to a bowl of steaming water, I personally love it as a pick-me-up within my bath.

THE SUBTLE SCENT: Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Restoring Senses Bath Oil (£63.50)

Apart from the extortionate price (let's face it, not many people would spend this on a bath oil), I do really like this product as an introduction to aromatherapy. If you're not into the strong-smelling experiences that most aromatherapy oils or bath bomb companies provide, then trying out an oil like this can be a fantastic alternative. Although I personally would try and find something cheaper, this inclusion serves as an example of the scent; rose and other more classic, delicate fragrances are a good way to add a bit of relaxation to your bath without making it overpowering. Not strong enough to give you a headache but noticeable enough to add another dimension to your bath-time.

THE AROMATHERAPY EXPERIENCE: Enchanted Brave Massage Oils (£12)

Using a concentrated aromatherapy or massage oil rather than a bath oil is a great way to get the most out of this sensory experience. Having stumbled across Enchanted Brave at a beauty convention, I love how powerful their massage oils are. They are exactly what you would expect from aromatherapy but can be diluted to suit your needs and preferences. Their range showcases an array of beautiful blends of high quality essential oils which have been carefully selected to match the Roman and Greek gods each is named after. Dropping a little bit of these oils into my bath creates the ultimate relaxation- as much or little can be added to suit your mood. It's a great way to unwind and de-stress, not to mention the skincare benefits that can be reaped from the essential oil ingredients!

Which oils do you love adding to your bath? Have you ever dabbled in aromatherapy oils to help you relax?

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