Choc On Choc: The Ultimate Personalised Gift Destination For Chocolate Lovers

When it comes to finding the perfect edible gift, my only two real options have only ever been baking or Thorntons personalised chocolates. I can remember first discovering popping into the local Thorntons shop in High Wycombe and finding out that you can personalise your chocolate gifts. The icing writing on chocolate figurines or blocks was the pinnacle of personalised gift shopping, but after years of it being around (and the chocolate not even tasting that great), I think it's time that some alternative gift inspiration came to light. Whilst looking for presents for my chocolate-loving boyfriend, I came across Choc On Choc; a chocolatier website that offers personal gifts with a unique twist.

There's no longer a need for the corny squiggly writing on chocolate that's been done to death for the past 10 or so years with this brand. The unusual and quirky ideas that Choc on Choc have to offer are truly amazing. Just having a browse on their website shows how fun, imaginative and personal chocolate gifts can really be. From miniature chocolate books for avid readers, vegetable shaped chocolates (see the brussel sprouts for their Christmas range!), eyeballs for spooky Halloween gifts, vinyls for music fanatics. animals for pet lovers, chocolates that look like macarons for your best blogging pal and even detailed clothes for fashionistas, this site makes your chocolate gifts personal in a far more subtle and impacting way.

I am so glad I've discovered this site and will be using it in the future for any chocaholic friends and family. The designs are so unbelievably imaginative with incredible attention to detail that I haven't seen in any other chocolatier, well, ever. The store kindly sent these adorable white chocolate donuts for me to try and they are another wonderful new addition to their already delictable collection of chocolate figurines. With the icing detail and multi-coloured sprinkles, you could definitely mistake these for actual donuts before biting in and realising they are pure chocolatey heaven! I was worried the chocolate would taste a bit cheap but it's not at all. As someone who is not usually a fan of the likes of Thorntons, I am so glad that Choc on Choc deliver on all taste, fun, personal and price elements.

If you wanted personalised in the sense of words, not themes, Choc on Choc also have this covered. Instead of handwritten notes in icing, the company sell small word blocks- a bit like Scrabble letters- that can be arranged into a short personalised message. With prices starting from £2.50 ranging up to around £15 for more quirky ideas (the donuts were £14), this is such an affordable way to give a yummy gift that actually means something. I don't get excited about concepts that often, but this is one that I just can't get enough of. As a heads up for Christmas, my Mum doesn't know it yet but I'll be ordering these crackers for the table; for £10 you get 6 crackers, each filled with a little festive chocolate figure. How cute is that?! All items come boxed and wrapped in an elegant Choc on Choc paper to leave minimal gift-wrapping needed. It's the perfect site. Go check out the range here:

Do you like the look of this site? Which items do you have your eye on?

Pretty and Polished

The donuts were kindly gifted by Choc on Choc but all opinions are my own. I genuinely adore the concept and designs of this company!



  1. Omg these look amazing! Sophie x

    1. It's definitely my new favourite them! x


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