REVIEW: Kimberley Walsh False Eyelashes For Eylure

Having suffered from trichotillomania for nearly all of my life, I have had my fair share of encounters with false lashes. Since I started wearing make-up, I've flirted with many a different brand and tried out more styles than I would care to admit. Initially, they may be a faff to apply, but once you get the knack they can be the perfect cover-up for hair loss. The sense of joy when you find that perfect pair which makes you look like you actually have lashes is incredible. When Kimberley Walsh announced that she was releasing a new style with false lash giants Eylure, I was so excited to see what it would be like. After getting a preview glimpse on Instagram, I knew they would be amazing for trichotillomania.

This new style (no 158) reminds me quite a lot of these Ardell ones which I didn't get on with. The lashes looked perfect, but they were just far too heavy to wear without having any lashes underneath to support them. Rather than this being a fault in the style itself, I put this down to the brand (I have never got on with Ardell lashes). This perfect style has been closely replicated by Eylure- a brand I absolutely adore for light-weight lashes. Being light enough to not require any lashes underneath to lift them up means they are ideal for anyone who has hair loss; this along with my dream style makes them the ultimate false lashes for trichotillomania (in my eyes, anyway!).

I did find the lashes a bit too long for my eyelid, but this is quite common with false lashes and was nothing a little trim couldn't fix. The glue, as per usual, is my favourite for trichotillomania as it doesn't feel super-tacky but is strong enough to hold lashes onto bald eyelids all day with minimum peeling. I find on completely bald lids, I have to reapply a tiny amount to the inner or outer corners maybe once throughout the day, if that! That's pretty good going, as other trichsters may know!

Onto the style. I absolutely adore the criss-crossing effect of these lashes. I know it's something I harp on about in almost every single false lash review I do, but it's a feature which I think is vital in a good pair of lashes for trichotillomania. Having this effect means that not only do they look far more natural and replicate the 'not perfect' texture of real lashes, but the clever style also hides any gaps underneath. I hate it when you can obviously see that there are no lashes underneath whenever you look down, so having lashes crossing over each other masks this and makes those gaps far less visible.

What sets these lashes apart from other styles, in my opinion, is the lift they give. Some often droop too much before going into the lift, or provide too much curl so that they don't look natural. This set gives the perfect amount of curl. There's no drooping below eyelid-level, nor dramatic length. The differing lengths of the lashes provides a natural effect that you can see in the picture of my wearing them; with this texturised appearance and perfect amount of lift, they can easily be passed off as my own! I think I've found my new favourite pair of false lashes for trichotillomania, and they are so affordable too at around £5 or so per pair. 10/10, would recommend.

Have you tried these false lashes? What did you think of them? Which false lashes do you love most for covering hair loss?

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