Are Blending Sponges Really The Best Thing In Beauty?

If you ever watch any beauty tutorials online, you'll notice that almost every guru uses the infamous beauty blender sponge to apply their foundation, concealer and contouring make-up. The little egg-shaped miracle tool is supposed to change the way you apply your base forever, with many beauty brands bringing out their own version of the cult product. Dampen with a bit of water to see the tool expand and simply blend in the roughly applied foundation using lots of small dabbing motions and you are supposedly left with the most flawless-looking skin known to man. While there sure is plenty of hype around the product and blending technique, is it really worth dabbling in this new form of make-up application?

While I love trying new products out, the way I actually apply my make-up has always stayed the same. My trusty RealTechniques buffing brush (or EcoTools Skin Perfecting brush) always save my skin and apply my make-up just how I like it. I have become accustomed to using them, I know they work well for my skin, and I am happy with the results. What's more, using them everyday has meant that my morning make-up routine has become super-speedy. So why would I change this up? Succumbing to the hype around beauty blenders, I thought I'd try out the RealTechniques Miracle Complexion sponge. Having tried Models Own sponges in the past and hating them, I was sceptical as to whether this little orange sponge could be that different.

Firstly, this sponge is a bit more 'hi-tech' than the ones I had previously tried out. It works on a 3-in-1 basis; the larger, rounded edges are great for general coverage of liquid foundation (using that dabbing/stippling motion), there is a flat edge designed for blending your contouring, and a smaller, pointed end for covering any blemishes or smaller areas such as underneath your eyes, which calls for a bit more precision. I was surprised at how much I love this sponge. The dabbing motion gets very tiresome (especially when you're used to simply swirling a buffing brush around your face) and it does take up way more time than my 'tried and tested' routine. However, using the stippling technique with this blending sponge does leave me with a much more evenly-blended base. There is something about it which just blends foundation that little bit better, leaving your skin looking that little bit flawless. I'm not totally convinced that there is a big enough difference to warrant the extra effort and use this every day (#LazyGirlProblems), but for a night out or occasion where I want my make-up to look EXTRA perfect, I will definitely be whipping a beauty blender sponge out.

What do you think of beauty blenders? Are you a fan, or do you much prefer the ease of a classic foundation brush?

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  1. I agree that it's a bit time consuming and tedious using these. I went through a phase of only using brushes but just recently I've been applying foundation with my fingers then bouncing the Real Techniques sponge over just to make sure it's nicely blended, Em x

    1. That's a really good tip and would probably save a bit of time...a brush is just so much easier! x


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