Clinique Superbalanced Foundation

I have used Clinique's Line Smoothing concealer for a few years now, and keep going back because I simply love the light, creamy formula combined with the good, even coverage. Seeing as I'm such a fan of this Clinique product, I thought I'd venture into their foundation range. As I chatted to the Clinique sales assistant in High Wycombe House of Fraser, I filled out a quick skin questionnaire and it was decided the Superbalanced foundation would be the perfect fit for me.

I've heard a lot about this foundation; it seems to be a good all-rounder in terms of coverage, colour match and complexion, so I was extremely excited to finally try it out. With my matte foundation collection far outnumbering my dewy ones, I thought the Superbalanced foundation would be a nice change to my complexion.

I have a combination skin type, and depending on how stressed I am or what season we're in, my skin can go from being oily to having the occasional dry patch. This foundation is suited to those with this skin type, as it balances your skin tone and controls oil. It's an oil-free base, so again helps reduce the appearance of unwanted excess shine, absorbing oil where necessary. It has moderate coverage, so is able to conceal fine lines, blemishes and even out the skin tone without feeling too heavy.

The formula feels light to touch and very moisturising, perfect for anyone who loves a flawless base without having to layer on the make-up. This can be built up easily, however, if you did want a bit more coverage. The Clinique Superbalanced foundation provides your skin with an even, flawless finish- adding a natural glow to the places which naturally catch the light to give you a radiant finish.

Clinique SuperBalanced on- with flash

The best thing about this is that while it seems dewy in the places you want it to, any excess shine remains controlled in typically oily areas, such as the dreaded T Zone. It's easy to blend evenly into the skin- Clinique suggest using your fingers to blend, but I used a brush and was perfectly happy with the results.

Clinique SuperBalanced on- natural light

You really only need small amounts to create an even base and cover imperfections, so a little goes a long way. This is great news seeing as it's £22 a bottle. I am totally in love with this foundation, and will definitely be buying a bigger bottle when my sample's run out. It gives you everything you want from a good foundation, and lasts a decent amount of time (around 9 hours).

Are you impressed with Clinique's foundations?


  1. WOW your skin looks flawless and glowing, gorgeous product xxx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. Thank you! I'll definitely be grabbing a full-sized bottle! xxx

  2. That looks gorgeous on you - very natural glow! It sounds like your skin is very similar to mine so I think I might see if I can get a sample of this xx

    Meet Me On My Sofa

    1. Thanks Toni! It's always worth trying to get a sample first to try it out :) xx

  3. It looks great on you! Great to have a sample that lasts awhile as well so you can give it a good try. Will have to search this out! :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | Palette Giveaway

    1. Thank you! It's so nice to be able to try before you buy :) x


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