L'Oreal Miss Manga

I know a lot of bloggers have posted about L'Oreal's Miss Manga mascara and have sung its praises. In fact, I ran to Superdrug and bought it in an instant because of the numerous blog reviews. I'm a sucker for new mascara releases, so was really excited to try it out, but I was left feeling a bit ambiguous towards it.

One of the main reasons I bought this little beauty, apart from the blog reviews and eye-catching marketing, was the fact that it has a bristle brush. I have tried plastic and comb brushes and have a serious dislike for both. Both brushes clump my lashes to the max, so I avoid them like the plague and only go for those with bristles. So when I saw this fabulous new release was a bristles-only zone, I well and truly bought in.

The brush takes a triangular shape, being wider at the base while getting thinner and more pointed towards the tip. This shape is what gives your lashes that 'Manga' look; the wide-eyed, Japanese cultural trend where the characters' lashes pan out to the sides. While this may create beautiful cat eyes for some, it wasn't a lash shape which suited me. I prefer to brush my lashes up, rather than out, in order to create a wider, more awake, eye.

The smaller end of the brush is perfect for getting those pesky lashes which aren't coated the first time around. It's also one of the best mascara brushes I own for bottom lashes too; it grabs every lash and really emphasises them. The bristle brush also does this to your top lashes. They brush over more lashes, really accentuating each and every one of them, making your lashes appear more volumised, lengthened but still incredibly natural.

The main problem with this mascara is how wet the formula is. I like to do a good few layers of mascara to build up length, darkness and volume- my natural lashes are very thin and quite fair. However, as the formula is so wet, it's very tricky to build this up quickly. Instead, you have to wait around for ages for it to dry before you can start applying another layer.

At £8.99, this mascara is OK for the price. I wouldn't say it's the best mascara ever, but I definitely wouldn't say it's the worse. It's quite good for a natural everyday look, but not so much if you want to build up volume. It's also available in turquoise and violet if you fancy a bold, colourful eye look! This mascara would also be instantly better if it was available as a waterproof formula; I get the impression a waterproof version would be easier to build up than the formula available at the moment.

Were you impressed by Miss Manga?

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