Benefit Goodies: The Real Steal

I'm always on the look out for a neat bargain, so when I saw this Benefit 'The Real Steal' bundle reduced on Asos, I couldn't help but treat myself. Benefit's They're Real mascara is probably the most hyped up mascara on Earth; every beauty blogger swears by it and it seems to be a staple of many make-up routines. Being a sucker for buying into any hype just to try it out, I've been wanting to try out this mascara for ages but could not justify spending £19.50 on it.

When I saw that this bundle cost a mere £17.50 online, I assumed that I would receive smaller sample sizes of the mascara, new eyeliner and make-up remover. Considering the cost of each individual product, £17.50 would not be a bad price even for sample sizes of them. You can imagine my sheer delight then when I opened the box and found a full-sized (yes, FULL SIZED!) bottle of the mascara, half-sized version of the They're Real liner, and a small sample of the make-up remover!

While I haven't been able to fully test the They're Real mascara out yet (thanks trichotillomania), I have used it on my lower lashes and from this small insight I have been super impressed. The formula is perfect- neither too wet nor dry- and it really lengthens lashes without clumping them. Even better, you can build upon each layer without having that awful gloopy, clumping effect which some mascaras give as it dries really quickly after each application.

The design of the brush is perfect. While I have never really been a fan of plastic wands, this has truly converted me for good. The bristles vary in length, giving the illusion of thicker, yet incredibly natural, lashes. The top of the wand also has these funky bristles which stick out, enabling you to reach every single lash, thus maximising the effect of the mascara.

One thing I would point out with the They're Real mascara is that it is an absolute nightmare to get off! This is good to a certain extent, as you know that it won't smudge throughout the day (or night), but the fact that a separate remover has been created in order to take it off hassle-free is a bit far-fetched! Side note for trichotillomania sufferers: be wary when using this as the urge to pick the stubborn mascara off can risk taking a lot of lashes with it!

I won't go into depth about the eyeliner; I will do a whole other post about it as I just have too much to say about it. I love the concept of this liner- the slanted tip makes application easy, and this design makes perfecting those cat flicks and winged liner far smoother. In theory, anyway. The formula is so pants, you end up wasting most of the product by wiping away all the gloopy dried blobs from the nib. But more on that another day.

I am yet to try the remover. As it was such a small sample in those awful packets which you have to rip open*, I'm still waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it.
*WHY do brands still use those packets? They are the worst of the worst.

Overall, I am so glad I bought this bundle just for the They're Real mascara alone. I can honestly see it becoming a game-changer, and I can't wait til my lashes have grown back enough for me to properly put it to the test! The eyeliner, on the other hand, I would not have bothered buying if it didn't come with this bundle. It's really not worth the money and am personally very disappointed by it. I would recommend looking out for offers like this if you are a bit sceptical about paying the full price for any Benefit products, as I understand they can be very hit and miss.

You can keep an eye on any Benefit reductions on Asos, and maybe snap up a bargain for yourself, HERE!

What do you think of these products?



  1. I totally agree about the formula of the mascara. I exchanged my old eyeliner in for a 'two-week' sample of the They're Real eyeliner and it lasted for one day because I had to keep wiping the little dry balls of eyeliner off it to actually get any out. The mascara on the other hand is brilliant and I absolutely love it, I hope you get great results with that! xx

    1. Agree with everything you just said. The mascara seems fantastic though! Xx

  2. That is such a great bundle! I really like the mascara and need to pick up another tube but I have wanted to try the eyeliner just to see what it's like after reading so many reviews! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | Palette Giveaway

    1. I'm going to do a write up of the eyeliner (hopefully next week). Was not impressed at all. This is a bargain if you need more of the mascara as it works out cheaper than buying it separately!! Xx

  3. So glad I saw this! Buying it now! :)
    Ive wanted this mascara + liner for months but, like you, I cant justify spending £20 on each. This is such a good find :) Thank you! xx


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