Soap & Glory Make-Up Bits For Trichotillomania

Hi! It me. Still alive and well. Life has been incredibly hectic of late; at the end of January I found out my firm was closing down and the redundancy process was started. The past few weeks in that environment have been hell, mix in trying to find a new job at such short notice and having to move house in order to accommodate the new's been a bit of a whirlwind. I'm currently having a week off (my statutory notice period) to recover and am slowly finding my feet again- which means being able to give a little bit of attention to this blog! Woohoo!

Now to the beauty...I actually got this Soap and Glory 'Glitz and Make-Up' gift set for Christmas and have been trying out the products on and off since. You can't go wrong with their gifts- even if you do end up with 20 tubes of Thick & Fast mascara! I soon discovered that this set contained some gems that I hadn't tried before....gems that turned out to be really useful for covering trichotillomania / hair loss and I wanted to share these and give the low-down. (It's currently half price at £25 in Boots- link here if want it!).

So in the set you get the Thick & Fast mascara (obviously), Love at First Blush, the Supercat eyeliner, a mini Sexy Motherpucker and another metallic gloss, an Archery brow pencil, the Lid Stuff eyeshadow palette and a black Crazy Sexy Kohl twist-up eyeliner. I've written in the past about some of these products, and in particular the Supercat eyeliner. It's such an easy-to-use eyeliner pen that's inky, jet black and makes winged eyeliner a doddle (it's one of my go-to looks for covering hair loss). Mine was running low so it came at a perfect time! You can read my previous declaration of love for the liner here.

The Lid Stuff palette is right up my street too, offering a selection of pinky-nude tones packed with shimmer. The shades go perfectly with a smudge of kohl or a sassy cat flick; not necessarily one to mention in relation to hair loss, but more so because it's so damn pretty.

For a good while I've been a huge fan of Soap & Glory's Archery brow pencil. I usually use the one with the crayon and tint ends as when combined together you can create a really natural looking brow from scratch (the tint allows you to draw on the hair strokes and add depth to the brow). When browsing in Boots recently I noticed that there were some additions to the Archery range that I hadn't seen before (they could have been out a while...I'm a bit oblivious to new launches). One of them was this double-ended product which sports an angled crayon and a setting gel. Although the setting gel is redundant for me as there are no brow hairs to swipe it through, the crayon is absolutely dreamy! Its the same kind of texture as my previous favourite- not too soft that it smudges but hard enough to create hair strokes. It's as though the brow pencil and tint and Benefit's Goof Proof pencil had a lovechild...a winner in my books!

The last one I wanted to mention is the Crazy Sexy Kohl. I don't tend to wear kohl too much as I prefer to go with a winged liquid liner look, but as my lashes are starting to grow through I've found this great for making my lash line look a bit fuller and covering smaller gaps. It's got a lovely creamy and smudge-able texture- although may not be precise enough to fully cover a bald lid. I've been wearing this a lot on my lower lash line (which is completely bald) and love the subtle distraction from the hair loss it provides.

I find that some Soap & Glory products can be quite average, but the kohl pencil, Supercat liners and Archery range is pretty spot on for most hair loss needs. Let me know what your favourite Soap & Glory products are below!

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