Re-Vamped! Batiste's New Stylist Range Put To The Test (I'm A Little Bit In Love)

With Christmas parties starting to lurk on the horizon, there are outfits to be picked out, festive accessories to be donned, and beauty looks to be considered. It's all well having the perfect dress to wear to those December social festivities, but if you don't have to beauty part matched, the look just isn't complete. Most will probably go for smoky eyes, red lipstick or gold nail varnish, but what about your hair 'do? Luckily, you won't be having to spend an absolute fortune on your barnet this season, as hair giants, Batiste, have you covered with their new(ish) styling range.

When I say 'Batiste', you will more than likely think 'dry shampoo'. They launched many years ago as the first brand to really champion affordable dry shampoo and bring the revolutionary product to the mass market. They were new, unrivaled and exciting. Their products genuinely changed our beauty routine; just think of what you would do at a festival now with no dry shampoo! Fast-forward a few years and the beauty market is saturated with the spritzy stuff. Pretty much every hair brand has their own range, some better than the original Batiste products, and new developments have continually pushed styling boundaries within the hair care market. Batiste, meanwhile, are stuck doing the same old thing (albeit with coloured versions and spangly new scents), whilst other brands are overtaking them.

Back in August, then, I was glad to hear that Batiste were re-vamping their hair status and offering us something a little new. As part of a new Stylist range, Batiste launched five new products, including a Hairspray, Texturizing Spray, Frizz Tamer, Heat & Shine Spray, XXL Plumping Powder and an XXL Volume Spray, all providing that little extra something to go alongside your dry shampoo favourites. I picked up their Texturizing Spray, alongside their 'Strength & Shine' dry shampoo, to put to the test. I can sometimes suffer from quite dull hair, and this dry shampoo works perfectly for giving it a little boost as well as giving a bit of life to my hair when I've run out of time in the morning to wash it. It does seem like a bit of a basic, shimmery formula, but I do love the way it makes my hair feel and look; it's a product I will definitely be picking up again.

The Texturing Spray is also lovely to use. While to packaging doesn't necessarily look the sleekest, the formula inside the shiny bottle certainly does the job. I was worried that other brands would just do a far better job than Batiste, and that this range may be a bit naff when it comes to the actual quality, but this spray is great for adding a bit of volume and movement to your hair- especially if you a big fan of curls or waves. Add a few spritzes of this after curling, rustle your hair up a bit to loosen the waves and let the spray do its job, and you are left with volumised hair with a bit more body to it- perfect for that messy, 'I woke up like this' hairstyle that'll definitely be a favourite of mine at upcoming Christmas 'dos!

This new styling range offers great quality products for amazing prices- each of these are under £5. I love how lightweight they are, and although the results can be quite subtle, I much prefer this to heavy products that leave your hair feeling sticky. They are available from Boots, Superdrug and online now- it's always worth having a look to see if there are any offers on these products. The Volume Spray is next on my list!

The Texturising Spray is great for messy waves!

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of their new range?

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