Man's Best Friend: Maggie and Finlay Try Out

Today's post is a little different. It is far cuter than my regular content, so prepare for your hearts to be melted. My two pups, Maggie and Finlay, were lucky enough to be sent some food and treats by, further confirming that a dog's life is indeed very comfortable and glamourous. While it seems straight-forward enough, these two Golden Retrievers are very fussy when it comes to their dinner (I have had to offer Finlay a whole menu before so he can decide what he fancies). These pooches can't be won over by any old treats- they have to live up to the high standards set by these pampered pups. So, when the box of goods arrived at their door, Finlay and Maggie were intrigued to see what exactly was inside.

Usually on a strict diet of senior dry food mixed with wet pouches, this routine has been perfected over the years to suit each of their requirements. Finlay, 11, has quite dry skin, while Maggie, 13, can get often get stomach upsets. A change to their diet usually flares these conditions up, yet the Huntland Adult British Lamb Grain Free food didn't have this effect at all. We mixed this dry food with some of the wet Country Kitchen Adult Dog Food Trays to keep in line with their everyday diet. Maggie gobbled down the food, and while Finlay was a little bit more fussy, he still licked the dish clean (which is a good sign for this Prince). As an extra little treat, the lovely people at also threw in a pack of 7 Dentastix for good measure! They must've read Mags and Fin's minds, as Dentastix are their favourite treats! Needless to say, we had two very happy dogs in our house.

The food and treats were processed and delivered really fast, which is just as well as Maggie and Finlay get very impatient when they know they have a present on the way! Delivery is free if your order is over £19.99 (which you will probably be spending on dog food anyway), and the website is so clearly laid out that you will have no worries finding a specific brand or category for your pet. The site sells everything a pet will ever need, including grooming equipment, food, treats, beds, and a range of accessories. One of my favourite features, however, is the 'bottomless bowl' service which is essentially an automatic re-order of any treats or food that your pet needs regularly, delivering straight to your home for added convenience and ensuring you'll never have a last-minute panic of realising stocks are running low.

I hope you have enjoyed this pup-filled post! Unfortunately, on Saturday, about a week after these photos were taken, Maggie sadly passed away into dog heaven. We are all distraught, but no more than her brother Finlay. He is extra grateful at this upsetting time for the stock of Dentastix that sent, and the treats will hopefully put a wag back in his tail. For more photos of Finlay, you can find him on his Instagram account (@finlayretriever), so pop over and say hi to him to help cheer him up!

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  1. These are such beautiful dogs & I'm so sorry about Maggie! 13 is a really good age for a beautiful, big girl such as herself. I'm sure she was very happy and I hope Finlay feels better. I'm definitely checking this website out for my big oafs.
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

    1. Thank you Courtney. She is in a better place now :) Haha, I love 'big oafs', I will be nicknaming Finlay that from now on. I've bought him some toys to make him feel better, hopefully that will do the trick! xx


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