Get The Most Out Of Your Beauty Stash! Handy Storage Tips For Make-Up Lovers

Hands up, who loves make-up?! Hands up, who has way too much make-up and not enough space to store all this excess beauty that you'll probably never use?! Yep, my hand went up too. It comes to a point in a beauty lover's life where you stop, take a look around your bedroom/bathroom and think, 'how on earth have I accumulated this much crap?'. I had this epiphany recently as I was moving house. Packing everything up made me realise just how many lipsticks I had, and how rarely I used them. I'm always running out of places to store them, especially in places where I can see what I have; when make-up gets hidden, you forget you have it and it's out of date next time you look! So here are some handy storage tips that'll help you get the most out of that beauty stash.


After realising just how much stuff I liked using on a regular basis, I decided to treat myself to a transparent drawer set to display my daily beauty products. I got this one from eBay for around £10-15 (I think) and it was such a good decision. The three drawers are the perfect size to fit primers, foundations, concealers and the like. and I've even dedicated a drawer to all the eyeliners and brow products that I love and use regularly. You get an extra stand which slots on top of the drawers where you can display other bits and bobs; there's a larger slot next to 12 smaller ones where I've decided to keep skincare, lipsticks and other random products that would fit there! It's neat, tidy, efficient, easy to access and the transparency means all your best-loved products are on view. Certainly a wise investment!


I recently featured this jar in my post about budget homeware, and it's so amazing I thought I'd give it another mention here. I'm always picking up random sample-sized products to test and take on holiday, so got this decent-sized jar from Tiger to chuck them all into. You could even get a few of these and co-ordinate your make-up (ie. lipsticks in one, eyeliners in another), as they would look so pretty lined up on a shelf. Jars are an amazing homeware (and beauty) investment and will come in handy for absolutely anything. You can see everything inside and all your gorgeous make-up will be super-organsied. What more can you ask for?!


It seems obvious, but packing any spare beauty products of less-used items into cute little boxes is a great way to manage your space and keep your dressing table neat. If you're anything like me, you end up with so much beauty clutter; even if it's spare shampoos and shower gels, store them in a box until you need to use them. Boxes are easy to slip onto a shelf or tuck under your bed, helping you utilise the space that is available. I bought these cute floral boxes (set of 3 different sizes) in the BHS sale recently and they have been an absolute lifesaver! No clutter in sight!


Using any old tray or dish that you have lying around is a fab way of neatly storing an excess beauty. I've stuck all my perfumes in a black plastic tray from Tiger which set me back all of £2 last year; I just prefer having them all in that one place so they are easy to access. It's also nice having them all displayed, especially as perfume bottles are often the prettiest part of a dressing table! Another tray is filled with my hair products and placed on a shelf. They are excellent for keeping all similar items together in one place without having to store them away and out of sight.


Words cannot express simply how much I love Ikea. It's full of so many random home decoration bits and pieces, including this rather ornate flower pot! I have two of these now; one is used as a pen pot and the other sits rather proudly on my dresser containing my best-used make-up brushes. Not only do these little pots look amazingly cute (I just love the attention to detail) but they are a simple yet effective way of storing your make-up accessories. These could even easily be used for brow pencils, eyeliners or mascaras, if you have a large selection which are used on a daily basis. A home essential that can be used for almost anything!

How do you organise all of your make-up? Do you use any of these tips?

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  1. This post could not have come at a better time, as my makeup stash is all over the place at the moment! I love your perfume tray, Tiger really is an awesome shop! So many fab suggestions here :)

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. Thanks Karen! Hope it helps! Yes, definitely check out Tiger for trays, jars and storage boxes xx

  2. Great post! I've recently been thinking that I need to have a major lip product clear out because there are so many that I forget I've got and don't ever use-I always seem to go back to the same few. It's probably about time some of them went in the bin anyway! Similar to the storage boxes, I have a wicker basket with all my spare toiletries and things in on a shelf in the bathroom, makes everything look so much tidier :-) Em x

    1. It's always good to have a clear out- so many are probably out of date too! Good point about toiletries, that's such a handy idea xx

  3. Great post! I've been looking at storage for my ever expanding collection - some great ideas thank you :) Helen xx

    1. Thanks Helen, I'm glad you found it useful :) xx


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