6 Things You Learn When You Move House

Moving house is both an enlightening and extremely stressful process. All your life belongings get packed away, the cleaning products become the main feature as you scrub your house ready for the new tenants, and your money is drained into a new deposit/early rent payment. You officially check out of your house, faced with the thought of a new bunch of strangers lounging around where you used to call home. Nostalgia hits you before being mixed with the excitement of all the new wonderful memories you will make in your new home. It's a strange combination of emotions, and along with all the boxes you learn quite a lot during the home-switching process...


You Have More Clothes Than Kim Kardashian

Dragging out the suitcases ready to pack up all your beloved items of clothing is, especially for me, the most challenging part of moving house. As university life often entails moving house every year, I thought by now (4th year of living away from home) I would be used to the sheer volume of clothes I own. NOPE. Every time I go to pack and unpack, I still get suprised, shocked, and slightly worried about how large my collection of dresses really is. You end up finding stuff that was shoved to the back of your wardrobe, never worn, instantly re-falling in love with the item and promising yourself that you will put more effort into wearing these wonderful garments you had forgotten you had ever bought.

Wardrobe clear-outs are tough but... (source)

Clear-Outs Are Necessary, If Not Essential

Alongside the realisation that you have a mountain of clothes that you either don't need or don't really want anymore, the amount of utter crap you find when packing things away is unreal. Tacky Christmas presents from 2009 lurk at the back of drawers, shoes that you'd forgotten to return because they didn't fit sit patiently underneath a heap of handbags, folders of old schoolwork that might, just might come in handy for your totally unrelated university course are left unused underneath your bed. Grab a bin bag, chuck all that stuff away. You may feel emotionally attached to it, but do you really need it? If it's sat gathering dust in this house, you won't need it in the next!

Kylie Minogue Will Help You Through The Cleaning

Check-out inventories are scary things. Panics about deposit deductions ensue and you will make sure every inch of the house is cleaned to make sure your landlord has no reason to take even a penny away from you. The rubber gloves are donned, the bleach makes it's first appearance since that person was sick in your sink at Halloween, and Kylie Minogue's Best Of album starts playing at top volume. You are now ready for cleaning; more cleaning than you have ever done before in your life. By the end of the day, you're exhausted, are halfway through a bottle of gin, and swear that if you ever hear I Should Be So Lucky again in your life you will murder someone. But your house is gleaming, so, swings and roundabouts, eh?

QUEEN (source)

IKEA Is A Fun Day Out

Cheeky IKEA trip with the lads? Yes please. You adopt this vision of homely perfection as you picture every detail of your interior design plan. Fur rugs, mini cacti, elegant candles; you name it, IKEA will provide it for you. Planning how your rooms will look like becomes somewhat of an obsession; I started getting stressed after 3 months of searching for the perfect bedspread with no avail. Stressed. Over bedding. Adult life, is that really you?

You Start Pining For Your Old Home

'This house is cosier'. 'YEAH BUT IT'S ONLY SINGLE-GLAZED'.
'Your bedroom is bigger in this house'. 'YEAH BUT THE OLD ONE HAD LESS SPIDERS'.

There are things you will love about your new house (that's why you moved there in the first place!), but initially you will be pining for you old home. It's to be expected- moving out of somewhere in which you were so settled, into somewhere you haven't quite made your own yet.

You Will Definitely Miss The Neighbour's Cat(s)

All those hours minutes spent cooing over the neighbour's new TOTALLY ADORABLE kittens should never be taken for granted. Having a little cat pop up and say hello while you're doing the washing up just brightens your day. You will realise you've grown a strange fondness with these little furry munchkins and will actually miss stalking them on a regular basis. Oh, just me then?

What have you learnt when moving house? Have you experienced any of these?

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  1. Omg yes all of the clothes haha I was optimistic and thought they would all fit in a suitcase, I was actually brave and only took a suitcases worth and gave probably 10 plus bags away to charity which was totally heartbreaking! Moving is so bittersweet I think xxx

    1. Sounds like the biggest clear out known to man! It's always nice to have a good clear out xxx

  2. "AND I NEED TO TAKE FAIRLY ADEQUATE BLOG PHOTOS" - spoken like a true blogger, and nailed our biggest worries right on the head! I laughed out loud at that!

    I tend to be really surprised by the amount of clothes and d├ęcor items I've accumulated since last time I moved, too! And then I promise myself I'd wear clothes I hadn't seen in a year, only to find them in the back of the wardrobe again, a month later!

    Laura | LikeCubed

    1. That's what has happened with my clothes already! They get instantly forgotten about straight away! x


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