Natural Eyelashes With Eylure: An Easy Way To Cover Hair Loss

I've tried my fair amount of false eyelashes in my time. Having trichotillomania has meant that I've forever been on the lookout for a fabulous fake flutter to disguise my own lack of eyelashes. Eylure were the very first set of false eyelashes I tried, aged about 15. Back then, Eylure were pretty much the only brand to turn to. Since falsies have exploded into the beauty market, there are so many different brands and styles to choose from. I've fallen in love with Kiss, had a brief affair with Primark, and also discovered Tanya Burr and the Vintage Cosmetic Company. But, since their re-brand and launch of a huge range of varying styles, I've found myself crawling back to Eylure.

Part of their new Naturals range, the no.031 set I picked up are pretty much my perfect pair of false lashes. My first set of falsies were actually some from Eylure's original 'Naturalites' range, but as time went on, I realised they weren't quite up to scratch. They were too flimsy, had huge gaps in-between each false eyelash (meaning whenever I looked down, my baldness became evident) and just didn't have enough substance. I'm so glad they've re-vamped the range, and I'm sure they'll go on to be best-sellers.

These lashes are so lightweight that you don't even notice you're wearing any- a huge plus, compared to other brands such as Ardell. What I love most about the redesign is the switch from lashes stuck in straight lines, leaving gaps between each one, to an interwoven set where the lashes overlap each other, cross over at the strip and vary in length. This style looks tons more natural, and is the design I always go for in a set of falsies. As such, if you have sparse or no lashes, the criss-crossing of the false ones hides your gaps, making this particular Eylure set a must-have for anyone who suffers from eyelash hair loss.

Another thing I got really excited about with these new lashes is the glue. I've always found Eylure glue to be a bit wishy-washy; it was OK but needed quite a lot of re-applying. As such, I've always used my Kiss glue which is a total safe bet. HOWEVER, I think Eylure may have re-vamped their formula, because it is bloody AMAZING. Applying a thin layer to the lash strip and across your lash line totally secures the false eyelashes in place. I had to dab a tiny amount of glue on the outer corner once to re-secure them, but apart from that, they lasted all day. On the windy Brighton sea front. And in the rain. I'm seriously impressed.

Overall, these are a fantastic new pair of lashes for Eylure's Naturals range. I'm so glad they've updated them, as other brands had started overtaking them a bit. Eylure have yet again grabbed my 'favourite lashes' prize, and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone (hair loss or no hair loss!). I can't wait to get my hands on Fleur de Force's new range now!

Have you tried any of Eylure's new Natural range? What's your go-to brand for false lashes?

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  1. I have heard of this brand before but haven't played around with it. They look REALLY natural, I think I could even wear this under glasses!

    Macarons and Mischief

    1. I wear glasses and they fit perfectly! If they're too long you can always give them a trim! X


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