Halo Hair Extensions

One of my biggest beauty dreams is to have lovely, glossy thick hair. I've never had thick hair; my barnet is fairly straight, limp and lifeless, and any styling I do never seems to hold. I purchased this beautiful set of Halo Hair clip-in extensions a while back to see if they can give me the volume I've always dreamed of. Seeing as I have quite long hair, they did not really add to the length, but the transformation in the thickness of my hair was miraculous.

I bought the 20" full head clip-in extensions which retail at £69.99, although I think there was a promotion on when I got them, so look out for those if you are thinking of buying some for yourself! Mine came in shade #2 Dark Brown, although you can get them in 25 different shades. They have a particularly good range of light brown/ dark blonde shades, so if you have that colour hair you should definitely check them out! I'm always dying my hair quite dark, but as they are shop-bought dyes they fade after a short amount of time, therefore the colour of my extensions can often be not quite right. However, the great thing about these is that because it is real hair, you can dye them with whichever colour you use on your actual hair.

The full head set comes with two 3 clip sections, two 2 clips, and four 1 clip parts, so you can really pick and choose depending on how thick you want your hair to be, and where you add the length. It allows you to create the exact hair you want. Along with dying the hair, you can curl, straighten and and style however you want without causing damage to the hair (provided you use heat protecting spray etc).

The difference it makes to my hair is obvious (despite the poor quality pictures taken on my phone...sorry!). They don't feel too heavy in your hair, give the perfect length and volume, can be styled and dyed, and blend in with your real hair super-subtly, particularly when you curl your hair. The only downside is that if you're wearing them all day, they do make your head ache after a while, but I'm sure that's a standard problem with all clip-in extensions. I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting a little bit of added length and volume with some good quality extensions!

Without the extensions
With the extensions

Have you tried any Halo extensions? 

**I apologise for the shoddy quality of these photos- these were taken in the olden days when I didn't have my DSLR or IPhone. And it was at night before I went out. And I can't even retake photos because my hair colour doesn't match now. SORRY.**


  1. These look great! I've been wanting to try extensions for so long but they're so expensive and it's a pain to colour match my half bleached, half natural hair haha


    1. Thanks Allie, they are a bit of an investment but I used to wear these whenever I went out pubbing/clubbing so I got my money's worth! It depends how often you are going to wear them I guess! It is a pain, I've since dyed my hair a different colour so can't wear these :(

  2. I like them I think they look really good. I've thought about buying a couple of these in a lighter shade and use them as like a lighter color under the bottom of my hair. Thanks for sharing!

    1. That's such a good idea! They do look really natural, I'm thinking of getting another set to match my blonder hair now :)


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