Garnier Ultimate Blends

You can't deny it; we all dream of having soft, silky, luscious hair. So many shampoos, from budget to high end, claim to give you this luxury barnet, but nearly all have failed to live up to expectations. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Garnier Ultimate Blends range! This beautiful collection not only smells divine, but actually edges me one step nearer to getting my dream hair.

There are 6 different blends you can choose from, so you really are spoilt for choice and can choose one which specifically suits your hair needs. Garnier also have this fabulous hair diagnosis questionnaire on their website, so if you're not sure on which one to get, this will point you in the right direction. Your choices are; the Silky Smoother, the Marvellous Transformer, the Sleek Restorer, the Colour Illuminator, the Shine Revitaliser and the Nourishing Repairer.

I have the Sleek Restorer and Silky Smoother, but the latter is by far my favourite. Each blend has a signature scent; out of the 2 I have, the Sleek Restorer has a beautiful strong coconut smell, while the Silky Smoother has a subtly tropical hint of vanilla milk and papaya. Each is gorgeous and really enriches my hair, leaving it smelling divine.

I have used the Sleek Restorer, but I do not find it as good as the Silky Smoother. On the online test, they recommended I used the Nourishing Repairer, so if this is even better than the Silky Smoother then somebody throw it at me now! The shampoos truly lather up really nicely, easily and evenly to give you a deep clean, while the conditioner is light enough not to weigh your hair down after washing, but provides the right amount of nourishment.

The Silky Smoother really does leave my hair feeling incredibly soft with a nice amount of shine. It feels lightweight and bouncy, just as it does when you walk out of a salon once you've had your hair done. This has caused serious hair swishing, and on one occasion has led me to force my mum to feel how soft my hair was.

There are also oils and 1 minute treatments available within this range for each of the blends, although I am yet to try them. If anyone has, please let me know what you thought of them in the comment box below (or tweet me) as I'd be interested to hear if they too live up to the hype.

They are usually £2.79 each for the shampoo/conditioner, but Boots have some deals on at the moment (some are half price, others have 30-odd pence off), so it's worth checking that out!

Did you get the same results with Garnier Ultimate Blends? Which have you tried?

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