Trichotillomania Top Tips: Eye Make-Up #2

Earlier on in the week, I wrote 9 top tips for covering eyelash gaps with make-up. When I started writing it however, I found I had so many little bits of advice I simply couldn't fit it into one post (without boring everyone half-way through anyway!). So here is part two and my next 9 tips for eye make-up for trichotillomania sufferers- it may make life a little easier for you...

1. Glue! Each lash set comes with its own glue, yet some are better than others. I have found Kiss glue to be excellent, but my favourite is Primark. It's incredibly strong and sticky, and has great staying power on bare lids, better than any other glue I've tried. Eylure is also great in the sense that you can buy a small bottle of glue separately, instead of having to buy a set of expensive lashes too. This way, you can carry on wearing your favourite lashes even if that specific glue has run out.

Source: Eylure's lil bottle of goodness/glue.

2. Those parts that won't stick. You've applied glue to the strip, placed it on your lid, and one end has just pinged straight back off (probably because it's got nothing to stick to). Grab your glue and reapply it to the section that's flapped off, while the good part is still attached to your lid. Stick it down straight away and just keep repeating until the resiliant thing is stuck down for good.

3. Don't use tweezers. The packet probably says to apply with tweezers, yet I find this doesn't give very good grip. I use my fingers to hold down the lash onto my lid; it makes sure it's stuck down even when there's no real lashes to stick it onto. 

4. Carry glue with you. There's nothing worse that going out and feeling your false lashes flapping all over your face, so take the glue with you. This way you can stick the lashes back down whenever you need to.

A bit of eyeliner goes a long way in covering trichotillomania

5. Use kohl, liquid or gel liner over the false lashes to make it look seamless. Sometimes, the way the falsies stick down doesn't look like the natural curve of your lash line. Cover this by applying eyeliner over the strip line, and underneath (where your lashes should be) to make sure that there are no visible gaps. 

6. Add mascara to false lashes to make them seem natural. Falsies are too perfect to seem like your own, so add mascara to 'rough' them up a bit. If you have patchy lashes underneath, applying mascara helps to bond the lashes you do have to the false ones, making them stay longer. 

7. Wear the same pair over and over again. This may seem gross, but they are too expensive to buy everyday. Obviously, when they start to look like dead spiders, throw them away, but if they are in good nick, stick 'em on your lids! Often after a few wears, they will again look a bit 'roughed up' and more natural. So, if you find that Eylure pair really work for you, wear them again!

L'Oreal Miss Manga

8. Try to use mascara which is non-waterproof. Unless it's raining. Waterproof mascara has far better staying power and is more tricky to get off. By using normal masacara, it'll come off in the shower, when you wash your face, or with make-up remover very easily, allowing you to resist the urge of picking it off along with your lashes. L'Oreal's Miss Manga is a great place to start.

9. Go au-naturel! When you know you don't have to go anywhere important or you won't be having visitors, let your eyes breathe. Having false eyelashes and tonnes of eyeliner on your lids every single day is too heavy and blocks potential lashes from coming through sooner. Go eye make-up free, apply some serum to your lash line, and let your eyelashes grow through quicker. 

Go make-up free to de-clog the surface of your skin and boost lash growth

That's all my eye make-up top tips for now! Do let me know in the comment box if you think of any more or give any of these a go!

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