Microblading Top Up with Samantha Trace Cosmetics: The Final Result

You may be aware that recently I have been to see the lovely Samantha Trace to have my bald brows microbladed. After having them done a couple of times before (and due to the fact that they weren't completely faded), we thought that one session would be enough to get the desired result. I completely loved the shape and colour of my new brows with Sam, however, there were a couple of really small patches which just didn't have the same hair stroke definition; I could definitely live with it, but it did mean I found myself drawing those tiny gaps in with a brow pencil each morning. (All photos of the healed brows and a full review of Sam's work can be found in my original post, here!)

When I spoke with Sam about this, she immediately invited me back to have a top up. Each person will have different requirements; some take to the pigment really well and don't need a top up, some will need even a few sessions to get the perfect brows. I guess I was just one of those who needed a top up to boost that hair stroke definition! So about a month ago I popped back to Haywards Heath to have a top up appointment, and it was exactly what my brows needed. The photos were taken 3 weeks post-microblading (a few days after they fully healed) and a week prior to writing this post- the colour has come through slightly more in that week too.

I'm so happy with my brows; the results are incredible and I can actually leave the house without any brow make-up. If I wear a full face of make-up, I tend to go over them with a bit of Soap & Glory Brow Archery (the tint end) just because any foundation I happen to get on them makes them look paler. But as I don't wear foundation very often, most days I just skip out the door with nothing on my brows! It's very liberating and I'm over the moon to have them looking like this again.

The whole point of microblading for many is to be able to leave the house without having to fix your brows- the ease of having them done is another 5 minutes in bed. But for someone with hair loss, it's so much more than that. It's having to confidence to even leave the house in the first place, it's being able to look in the mirror without hating yourself, it's having a natural shape and real-looking brows that haven't taken you 30 minutes and numerous break-downs to draw on. I've always said that microblading has given me a new lease of life when it comes to trichotillomania, and as cheesy as it sounds, it is 100% true. Whilst the negatives of trich are still there, more so because I pull my lashes too, I no longer worry about my brows or stress about the consequences of pulling them out (which I have mixed feelings about- rambles about this can be found here).

I would honestly recommend the procedure to those with brow hair loss- and I would recommend Samantha Trace too as she works a lot with hair loss conditions and really knows her stuff. It's something that I know I will continue to have done over and over again because of the profound impact it's had on my day to day life and emotional wellbeing.

 If there's anything you want to know about microblading, or any questions you want answered, then please let me know either in a comment or email or drop me a message on social media! 

Pretty and Polished

I received a complimentary treatment in exchange for a review, however, all views are my own and opinions are honest ones!


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