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I've taken a little bit of a step back from blogging recently (hence the lack of posts over the past couple of weeks). I've been feeling really uninspired and completely lacking motivation to write as a result. Forcing yourself to create content leads to producing stuff that isn't great quality, or so I find, and I would rather take a break and only post as and when I have something to say. With topics like trichotillomania where emotion is behind everything I write, it's important  that I don't start churning out posts just for the sake of it; I want content to have meaning and I want what I'm talking about to be something I would genuinely want to read myself.

When trying to revive my blogging mojo, I thought I would try and find some new photography backdrops to help get that enthusiasm back, and whilst doing so realised you really don't have to splash out to get awesome props for photos. So, here are some of my favourite places and top tips for inspiring creativity and blogging whilst on a budget (when I am never on a budget? LOL.)


I adore Homesense anyway, but they actually do some pretty great stuff that can be used within blogging too. Candles can add warmth and mood to a photo, and Homesense is probably to only place I ever purchase them from. Although some are quite basic and non-exciting, they do some  stylish ones that can look fab in photos (and also act as a treat to win). Little trinkets like brass and rose gold jewellery dishes also help to fill space in a photo. A great place to peruse if you want bargain pieces to spruce up both your photos and home.


Flowers: something that is almost always found in any good flatlay. I would love to be able to use fresh blooms in every blogging shoot, however, I am not that blessed in the bank balance department. I may use them occasionally if I decide to treat myself to a wee bunch from Aldi, but most of the time, any floral addition to my photos are fake flowers from Dunelm. They always have such a huge range of faux flowers, and though they might not look exactly like the real deal, I love how they add a bit  of prettiness to pictures. I believe the white ones I always use (as seen in the photo) only cost £1, so they're such an affordable way to jazz up photos.


Cheap and cheerful has always been Primark's thang, and their homeware range is not only budget but quite stylish too. Lots of marble, rose gold...very instagrammable pieces. Not to mention their little fake plants which are again great for filling space. Their fairy lights are also very cheap (I think around £2.50) and can be good at using in the background for warmer photos. It's basically full of loads of little bits and pieces that can make good props; New Look do similar items but I find Primark is much more within my budget!


There's a company I've seen that sell gorgeous photography backdrops and I've been dithering as to whether to buy one as I know loads of other bloggers use them for their photos. The only thing putting me off was that the prices for each backdrop was £20-25, i.e. a bit out of budget. I popped into a local B&Q recently and picked up a sample tile for £2, and this white wood effect wallpaper sample (£0) and I completely love them. I was getting so bored of using the same backdrops for my photos and I think this was contributing to my creativity rut. I would definitely recommend having a browse at tiles and wallpaper if you want to mix your photos up a bit- plus it's a far cheaper alternative. Sticky back plastic from Amazon or craft stores can also be a fab budget backdrop!

Where do you love shopping for cheap blogging props? Let me know your thrifty secrets! 

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