Mocking Hair Loss Is Never OK

I wish I didn't have to write this post. However, unfortunately, people still think it's OK to mock those that are different from them- when they portray something that isn't considered 'normal'. Hair loss is one of those things. Whilst I haven't experienced outright nastiness because of my hair loss, I have received my fair share of funny glances, snidey comments or just outright ignorant remarks about my lack of eyelashes and eyebrows. And I'm sure others in the same position as me have as well at some point.

Education is a huge factor in eliminating this ignorance. Raising awareness of trichotillomania can help people think twice about making those rude remarks, however, the sad fact is, no matter how hard we try to do this, there will always be people who think making light of someone's illness and humiliating them is an OK thing to do. Stares and whispers are just one of those things that come with being different- and whilst it's something you would more likely expect in a playground, disappointingly it seems to flow into adult life too!

I'm confident in who I am. Yes, I have bad days where I wish I didn't have trichotillomania, but overall, I have accepted that it is part of who I am and I have had to come to terms with this over the years and learn to love myself- trich and all. For so many years I absolutely hated myself and the way I looked. I considered myself a freak, and the looks and subtle remarks all helped to reinforce that. But despite my acceptance of trich, when someone mocks another for having hair loss, part of me immediately reverts back (just for a fleeting moment) and I start questioning everything about myself; maybe I'm not normal, I look weird, how will anyone ever accept me!?

We spend enough time beating ourselves up over trich and for having no lashes/brows/hair. We already make ourselves believe we are abnormal. We don't need other people telling us that too. What upsets me the most is that there are people out there who are ignorant to this and continue to mock others for being different and it's clear to see this happening more regularly than it should. And it's not just a funny look in the street- some brands are reinforcing this too. I know of a fellow trich blogger who was approached to feature a campaign which essentially mocked those with no brows, and recently I saw a Instagram photo from a brand doing exactly the same. The worst part was that both of these brands have a large hair loss client base- many of those that saw these public ridiculings would have had no brows themselves. What is that supposed to be telling people? That they should think that they're freaks for having no eyebrows?!

It needs to stop! It's not funny or a joke- it is our lives. We already feel enough shame and embarrassment thanks to our own minds, we don't need to hear it from other people (or companies). I wanted to write this post just to get things off my chest, but also to let anyone who has been subject to stares or rudeness know that you're (more than) perfectly fine as you are. Hair loss does not make you a freak or laughing stock, and you are far more beautiful than the ugly people making those jokes at your expense. Rant over!

Do you experience these things? I'd love to hear your stories or comments.

Pretty and Polished

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