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It's officially two weeks til Christmas! Although I'm almost there with my gift shopping, I've still got a few last things to get which will no doubt be a last minute panic. Each year I try to stick to a vague budget but always lose track of how much I end up spending- I go into a shop and think 'ooh, my Mum would like this', forget I've bought it and when it comes to wrapping presents realise that I've probably spent far more than I anticipated! This year, however, I've tried to actually stick to a plan and as such, I've come across a few shops which offer really great quality products for all types of gifts without coming with overpriced costs. Here are a few shops that have turned into little Christmas gems this past month (and may give a little bit of inspiration for this last minute gifts!).


Although the high street is probably the first place you would hit for a nice pair of earrings, after shopping for my niece (who can only wear silver jewellery) I discovered This website has turned into my go-to place for any jewellery piece (and I've been very tempted to get myself a little Christmas gift from there!). From Christmas-themed items to cute, timeless pieces that you will be able to wear all year round, if you're looking to get jewellery for a female friend or relative this Christmas then please check this website out. You probably won't find any statement chunky necklaces on here, but you will find tons of dainty, simple designs for such a decent price. Delivery is free for orders over £10 and a necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings can only cost around a fiver. Bargain!


This might be a bit of an obvious one, but Boots and Superdrug do some cracking gift sets for Christmas. The star gifts at Boots are often such bargains (with some gift sets better than half price) and if you have an advantage card, it can be a fab way of building up points (to then either treat yourself or buy more presents with!). A lot of the time (like with Soap & Glory products), if you buy a couple of things or spend over a certain amount you will get a free gift set, so if there are products you (or a loved one) use anyway, it's always worth stocking up and using the gift set as a little extra present. The same goes for Superdrug. Some of their stocking fillers are really reasonably priced- plus if you are a student you can get a handy 10% off!


Buying presents for kids might be as difficult (perhaps more) than buying for dads. As someone who has never had young children in the family (until meeting Stewart who has a little niece and nephew!), I am just completely clueless as to what kids like nowadays- what's cool and what's not seems to change every week! I have found that Primark have got some lovely clothing items at the moment (cosy PJs and cute Christmas jumpers) that are decent quality without costing a fortune, and TK Maxx has become a bit of a saviour when it comes to toys. My local one was packed full of different remote control cars, books and random bits and bobs that are perfect for entertaining young'uns on 25th and often cost under a tenner. Win win! Poundland also have some little stockings which are perfect for filling with smaller gifts.


Hampers can be a great idea for couples, grandparents or those who you just have no idea what to get for as they can offer a little bit of everything! I've seen the cute wicker baskets available in Wilkinsons for a few quid, Card Factory for around £5, and other stores such as TK Maxx for a little bit more- but in all honesty, if you have a large cardboard box (longer than it is deep, ideally), then an easy way to do it is to cover the box in Christmas wrapping paper to jazz things up a bit, fill with shredded tissue paper (99p a pack from Card Factory) and fill it with all of the recipients favourite goodies. Whether this be chocolates (on offer in many supermarkets and also some great festive finds in pound shops), some upmarket savoury goods from shops like M&S or a nice bottle of plonk, a DIY hamper can make a really thoughtful, creative and delicious gift!


I had to include this section just because our pets are the most important ones on Christmas day, after all. I popped to my local Pets at Home store recently (I say local, it's still a 45 minute walk...booo!) and their Christmas range was AMAZING. From Christmas treats, little outfits for dogs, an abundance of festive-themed toys and even stockings, if you're still looking for a gift for your pet then head straight there because you will have plenty of choice! They also do pet parcels online which cost around £10 (depending on the animal) and contain a range of different treats and toys for them to open on 25th December. You get 10% if you have a loyalty card with them which always helps with the Christmas budget!

Have you found any great shops for Christmas bargains? 

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