Best Make-Up Bits For Colds

So, I am now in the third week of having the stupid winter cold that is going round. I just can't seem to shake it no matter the amount of Olbas oil, echinacea or flu tablets I have. Blowing my nose constantly has left me looking like Rudolph (at least I fit with the festive theme) and I'm getting a bit sick of coughing and spluttering every five minutes. When I have a cold, I usually look exactly how I feel- pretty crap. Sore nose, streaming eyes, dull skin and massive dark circles from sleepless nights leave me looking a bit worse for wear, and putting on a full face of make-up is the last thing on my mind (not to mention it will probably be inevitably be smudged off by tissues). As such, I thought I'd share a few of the beauty bits and bobs that have really come to the rescue these past few weeks in trying to make me look my best (even if I feel far from it).

Dr PawPaw Original Balm (£6.95)

This bright coloured balm has been a surprise saviour during cold season. It's got many uses (cuticle oil, lip balm and soothing insect bites to name a few), but I have been using it as a balm for my nose. Endlessly blowing your nose leaves it really dry, sore, flaky and red, but applying a tiny bit of this balm a few times a day has meant the damage has been far less than usual. I am genuinely astonished at how well it worked! If you're someone who always gets a sore nose, I would 100% recommend getting a tube to help protect your skin (plus it is such a useful handbag product, cold or not!).

Max Factor False Lash Effect (£10.99)

Until I started trying to use a different mascara every week to put my stash to good use after finally growing my lashes back (and keeping them), I didn't realise how many were non-waterproof! Luckily, this little gem from Max Factor not only worked really well with my lashes to fan them out and make me look awake (even when I felt half-asleep) and turned out to be waterproof. This was just what I needed when my eyes were streaming (not helped by the bitter seafront winds)...a waterproof mascara is a must in so many ways!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19)

Although I use this concealer every day and not just for colds (it's the only one I ever use!), it was just what I needed to cover those pesky dark circles which emerged due to many bad nights' sleep. A touch of this stuff under my eyes and on any spots/areas where I wanted a little bit of coverage was all I needed; I've been avoiding foundation altogether and just popping on concealer wherever it is needed as I just hate wearing any heavy make-up when I feel rubbish! (Perhaps just me?!). It's creamy, blends like a dream, doesn't cake too much and is cheap as chips...what more could you want?! (Boots are also giving a free Velvet Kiss lip cream when you spend £5+ on Collection so if that's not an excuse to stock up on this stuff then I don't know what it).

Boots No7 Skin Illuminator (£12.50)

I actually got this as a hand-me-down from my Mum just as I started to get poorly and it came at literally the perfect moment. This stuff is so, so good at just giving that little bit of radiance to skin, which is just what I needed to perk up my dulling complexion (probably thanks to tiredness / generally being run down!). On the worst days, I used this after my skin care in the morning all over my face (you only need a small amount to give a gorgeous, subtle glow), but it also works really well on the tops of cheekbones just as a super subtle highlighter. It looks so natural and just gives your skin a bit of a boost.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir (£32.00)

Another beauty product from my Mum, this spritz again acts just to perk up your skin when it's feeling a bit run down. I spritzed this before any skin care just to add a bit of hydration to my skin as well as giving it a lovely natural glow. Although I think it does have anti-ageing skin care elements (which aren't for my skin type), I was more drawn by its claims of adding radiance which it definitely did. I have a couple of other face mists which also do an excellent job at giving skin a boost and subtle glow, so you don't have to spend a fortune on a specific one, but I would recommend giving one a go if you do get dull skin.

Blistex Relief Cream (£2.19)

This stuff is insanely good at soothing chapped lips. My lips get so sore and dry from breathing through my mouth when my nose is blocked, and I always turn to this stuff to get them back to best. My mum has always used this lip cream so I've almost grown up with it being a family favourite, and for good reason. It's medicated to soothe lips which are chapped from colds and winter weather and is so nourishing without stinging or feeling uncomfortable. It's strong stuff which really does do an amazing job (and also works great as an overnight treatment...I slather this stuff on before I go to bed!). If you get one thing from this list, make it this one!

Soap & Glory Glow All Out Highlighter Stick (£8.00)

A dab of this along my cheekbones is a perfect way to just brighten up my skin on those days where minimum make-up is being applied. Usually I turn to my trusty Sleek palette, but this Soap & Glory highlighter in stick format was slightly more subtle whilst still catching the light and giving a gorgeous glow. I apply this to my fingers and then pop it onto my skin (rather than straight from the stick), and find this works best to add a super natural finish, otherwise it can be quite a strong highlighter! It really compliments no make-up make-up and I've been loving how it helps illuminate my skin and make me look a little bit more alive!

What are your beauty essentials when you have a cold? Do you use any of these products?

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  1. That balm sounds great - it's always horrid getting a sore nose when you're ill! Lasting perfection concealer is a must all year round for me! Hope you feel better soon xx

    Lucy |

    1. It's so good- I always have it in my bag as it has so many uses! Who doesn't love Lasting perfection concealer!? xxx


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