Body Moisturising Mists: The Time-Saving Beauty Products You Need!

Although it's nice to take time out for your beauty routine, pop on a face mask and lather on a nourishing body butter, I for one never actually get round to doing this. I often think, 'I'm going to run myself a nice Lush bath this weekend and finally use the plethora of gorgeous beauty products I've collected', and before I know it, three weeks have passed and I still haven't booked in that pamper time. Life just gets too busy, ya know!? Putting beauty time aside to 'treat yo'self'' is not only beneficial for your mind but also your skin in the practical sense; your skin feels cleansed and more radiant after a face mask, for example. I stick to my skincare routine religiously, but one thing I often think I don't have time for is moisturising my body...until I found these handy spray moisturisers existed. This ingenious beauty creation has slotted into my beauty routine perfectly and allows your body to be moisturised in seconds- perfect for those who forget or don't have time for a full-on pamper in the evenings!

I first discovered these a while back; I think last year before I went on my summer holiday. Although the cans are quite bulky, they were the ideal thing to pack when travelling to a hot country as I wanted to keep my skin hydrated, but didn't want that sticky feeling body creams can give...made even worse by warm climates! The feeling of slathering on a thick moisturiser onto sweaty skin is gross, so I thought the Vaseline spray and go body moisturiser would be perfect to look after my skin and also cool it down at the same time (a bit like the face mist skincare alternatives I love so much!). It worked an absolute treat and I continued to use it beyond my holiday. There's no working the product in and waiting for it to absorb- just spritz all over your body, wait a couple of seconds and you're good to go. Although it doesn't provide the level of nourishment that a body butter would, it's a great, fast alternative for a quick-fix once you step out of the shower. Another thing I love is that you can actually moisturise your back with ease without having to contort yourself to reach those tricky spots- random, but surprisingly handy!

The Vaseline spray moisturiser is available in four different variations; 'cocoa radiance' (best for dull skin), 'aloe soothe' (best for irritated skin), 'advanced repair' (best for dry skin) and 'essential healing' (best for normal skin types). I usually get the yellow 'essential healing' one and really love the scent of it. Sometimes you do get little blobs of moisturiser spray out with the mist which will need rubbing in, but apart from that, I really love the product and it makes what is usually a boring task so quick! The can lasts quite a long time (I would say a good few months) and only costs £5.99, although I usually buy it for less when it is on offer in Boots or Superdrug. Another spray moisturiser I love is the Aveeno After-Shower Mist which is ever so slightly more expensive at £7.50 a bottle but again is available on offer quite frequently. It works in exactly the same way, but I find that the spritz is a lot finer than the Vaseline product- it is definitely more of a 'mist'. I think I marginally prefer the Aveeno product, but really, I would totally recommend both if you're looking for something to save you some time in your beauty routine. There's no greasiness, they're lovely and refreshing to use when temperatures are a bit warmer and give fab quick-fix moisture. Lazy beauty at its best!

Are there any quick-fix, time-saving beauty products that you love? Let me know in the comments!

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