Why Benefit's Roller Lash Is My Favourite Mascara For Trichotillomania Lashes

Apart from one small gap, my eyelashes have finally grown through! Not only that, but they've grown to a length where I can actually wear mascara. If you are a hair loss or trichotillomania sufferer reading this, you'll understand just how amazing that feeling is. As I haven't had eyelashes for quite some time (I kept pulling them out as soon as they'd poke through) some of my favourite mascaras had gone quite dry and were past their beauty sell-by date- including my ultimate favourite, Roller Lash by Benefit. To celebrate finally having eyelashes and give myself a little pat on the back for keeping trich relatively under control for now, I treated myself to another little Roller Lash mascara to really make the most of the flutter I've got going on. If you've got short lashes (naturally or through trich), here's why I would recommend you try this holy grail product.

It's adorable

The first Roller Lash I had was a free sample with Elle magazine (original review here). I think it was a preview- the samples were available just before the actual mascara was sold in stores. Although miniature versions of everything are always cute (and so practical for saving room in your makeup bag...who even needs a full sized mascara anyway?!), this particular sample of Roller Lash was pretty uninspiring, considering how gorgeous the full-sized version is. When I was having a browse of what mini samples were available, I found that the travel size came with the same beautiful packaging that the original does. The only real change is the wand, which features a super cute pink, rubber grip, but it's a small change that makes a big difference and makes it 10x more adorable.

Travel sizes are fab for short lashes

Continuing on from the previous point, I love that this is available to purchase in a travel size. I wrote a post about why I love travel sized mascaras for trich lashes here, but essentially, the shorter wand makes it really nifty to really get as close as possible to your lash line and coat every single lash, including the stubbiest ones. This is so important with trichotillomania, as each lash is so, so precious and you really want to be able to make the most of whatever you have. I've become so used to using travel size versions now that the full sized one is just far to big and clumsy; mascara ends up everywhere and the application is nowhere near as precise. Plus, miniature products are cheaper; although I think you can get mini Roller Lash mascaras in Boots, I got mine from eBay and it only cost £5 (including delivery). It's such a bargain, considering I would struggle using a full sized one which would set me back a whopping £20.50.

Hook 'n' Roll

This particular Benefit mascara features 'hook 'n' roll' technology which just makes even the shortest, straightest lashes look amazing. I don't know if other hair loss sufferers get this, but I used to have really long, curled lashes- after years of damage they're now short, flimsy and poker straight. We all know how scary eyelash curlers can be; I for one get terrified that one false move will accidentally pull out the lashes I've waited so long for. I know this probably won't happen, but still, I'd rather not take the risk on my delicate lashes which break so easily! Roller Lash eliminates the need for eyelash curlers. The tiny hooks on each plastic bristle grab each lash, not only coating them with a gorgeous dark formula, but lifting and curling in the process as you brush through. It's not a gimmick either- the curl it gives is amazing and one of the main reasons I always turn to it to make my trich lashes look their best. It is also incredible for separating each lash (I also love their They're Real mascara for this)- it makes you look as though you have a fuller lash line and each individual lash you've worked hard to grow is given their time to shine, plus so clumpiness in sight!

The formula is slightly tacky

This point may be a turn-off for some of you, but for someone who pulls out their lashes, it's actually a real help. Other mascara formulas which set really dry are so tempting for me- I just can't resist picking at the dry clumps which often brings several lashes with it. I also hate the flaking that dry formulas can cause. Although the Roller Lash formula isn't wet (you can still build up the layers beautifully without it going clumpy at all), it doesn't go completely dry, leaving a slight tackiness that doesn't feel weird (to me, anyway) and eliminates that temptation to pick and pull at my lash line. It might be a bit tricky if you want to apply false lashes over the top, but if you're not wearing falsies (which I wouldn't anyway if I have my own lashes- I've waited ages for these, I want to show them off!), this tackiness isn't an issue at all.

Have you tried Roller Lash? Which mascaras have you found work well with short / trichotillomania eyelashes?

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  1. Just received my mini roller lash today - works wonders! Thanks for the tip, I feel much happier and less self conscious today about my sparse lashes :-D

    1. No worries and I'm so glad you liked the mascara!

  2. So, at the end of the day, I like to gently pull the mascara off of my lashes. Waterproof mascaras cling onto the lash to aggressively that when I pull it off, it takes the whole lash with it... I hope you understand what I mean lol
    Would you recommend this mascara for me? I haven't bought a mascara since 8th grade. I am a 3rd year in college now. My lashes are still fragile, but I have so many and they're so long!! I'm scared to use a curler on them, but I'm hoping a mascara can help with that.

    oooo I also HATE clumps
    IG @kylie_t8

  3. I know exactly what you mean! This one doesn't tend to clump (I find 2 coats is good...any more and I can see that it might do). It also gives really good lift. If you're worried about clumping, I would recommend Clinique's High Impact mascara. It's great for lengthening and you can barely tell there's mascara on...it feels like your own lashes. It's very lightweight but still impactful! X


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