Blossoming Gifts: The Inexpensive, High Quality Flower Delivery Service I've Been Waiting For

I have always been incredibly close to my Mum and Nan. When I moved away from home to sunny Brighton four years ago, I really missed them. I missed being able to see them whenever I wanted, and I missed being able to treat them to little gifts every now and then. When you live away from home, picking up little presents is fine until you realise the cost of postage is probably more than the gift's worth, and ordering bouquets online seem extortionate if you're used to picking up a bunch from the local florist on the way to visiting family. Treats like these become limited and only reserved for birthdays when (as a student) I could only afford to 'splash out' a bit; it becomes very expensive to send a little present 'just because'. When Blossoming Gifts got in touch, I thought they were going to be another one of these flower delivery services who charge £40+ to deliver a bouquet to your loved ones. A quick browse on their site told me I was so wrong; I think I've just found the online florists I've been waiting for all this time.

Although the lovely people at Blossoming Gifts did send me this stunning Blueberry Pancakes bouquet to review, I am already eyeing up the next bunch I want to buy. With prices starting at £12.99- and a lot of more expensive bouquets having money off at the moment- this is such an inexpensive way to send gifts to loved ones or treat yourself. I've ordered with other services before (eg. iflorist) and have been quite disappointed with the quality of flowers I have received; they were small and not very fresh for the high amount they often charge. Blossoming Gifts are not only incredibly purse-friendly (to have a bunch delivered costs just as much as many in store bouquets from shops like M&S!), but I also cannot fault the quality one bit.

The flowers are fresh and each bouquet has been beautifully thought-out. The photo below is how they arrived; although I am fussy with flowers and spent a while arranging them (perfectionist alert!), you can see that they arrive in great condition and arranged in such a way that the recipient won't have to do much work at all, other than placing them in a vase. They are delivered in a huge cardboard box, wrapped in the white plastic with some water-soaked foam in the bottom to keep them from being too thirsty. There is no need to worry about them being bashed around or damaged- Blossoming Gifts clearly take a lot of care to ensure the flowers arrive in tip-top condition (most deliveries will be gifts, after all!).

I am in love with the simplicity of the Blueberry Pancakes bouquet (featuring avalanche roses, bold purple eustoma and elegant white veronica to break the flowers up a bit). It's delicate and stunning; everything I want in a bouquet. There are so many different options on the website, ranging from girly to regal, from extravagant to simple, as well as a variety of sizes. Although I can see myself using this website to just order flowers for myself from time to time, as a gift website, Blossoming Gifts also offers the option to add alcohol, toys, chocolates and the country vase which the flowers are displayed in. I have always wanted one of these vases and think the flowers just look complete within it; I know the rustic style may not be for everyone but I think I love it almost as much as the flowers themselves! Another thing I've been looking at (particularly for the number of family birthdays coming up) is the hamper selection. They offer a bouquet of chocolates, gluten-free and diabetic hampers as well as romantic gift sets.

The site seems like a one-stop shop for really thoughtful, high-quality presents. The bouquets and gifts themselves are inexpensive as it is, but when you chuck free delivery on top of that the deal is truly sealed. My Mum and Nan better get ready for the amount of bouquets coming their way now I've found this site! Here's something that'll make it rude not to order some...Blossoming Gifts have provided me with a unique blog code! Just enter the code 'BGIFTS33' at the checkout to receive 33% off your order! This code can be used time and time again, so go crazy! You can check their website out here.

What do you think of flower delivery services? Do you often use gift websites like these?

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