Timeless Scent, Organic Formula: Meet Dr Botanical's New Moroccan Rose Range

Whether you love it or hate it, there's no doubting that rose is a classic fragrance. Conjuring images of romance, elegance and quintessential English-ness, rose is one of those scents that can be both delicate and overpowering if not used sparingly. There's a good reason this flower has been used for centuries within fragrance; not only does the scent of roses awaken those feminine, minimalist sentiments, but the ingredient itself bears highly potent benefits for skincare. It seems as though many brands are capitalising on the benefits of Moroccan Rose at the moment, and Dr Botanicals is one to join the club. Their new Moroccan Rose range combines this classic, simple ingredient with a passion for cruelty-free and organic skincare. Sounds like a winner in my books!

Within the new Moroccan Rose range is a body cream, facial oil, body oil, face moisturiser and restoring bath oil. All of these products are aimed at providing your skin with an intensive hit of moisture, achieved through the inclusion of nourishing shea butter and essential rose oils. Many people aren't keen on rose for the main reason that it is too overpowering; many brands go a bit crazy with the scent and it becomes too overbearing, forgetting that sometimes subtlety is key. In my opinion, Dr Botanicals have found the perfect balance; the restoring bath oil is really lightly perfumed in that you can use other bath products alongside it without smelling like a walking Lush store. Whilst the scent may be too subtle for some, I personally love it, purely because it allows me to layer my bath products (just as you may your perfumes) and experiment with aromatherapy in order to create a gorgeous, relaxing wallow-time.

You only need a few drops of this in your bath tub to benefit from the skincare perks too. Not only does it smell elegant and timeless, but the Moroccan Rose Oil is rich in essential fatty acids which help to strengthen, protect and regenerate the skin. It's subtle, but perfect for anyone who doesn't like heady fragrances that can overpower. My only quip with this product is the fact that there is no pipette (or the like), meaning that it is so easy to screw the top open and pour too much oil in than necessary. Being able to pop this oil into your bath drop by drop would ensure you really get the most out of this product and minimise wastage (it is just over £60 for a bottle!), but it is a minor design annoyance.

The Moroccan Rose body cream has a much more concentrated scent, which I found surprising (I thought the oil would smell stronger). It is still beautiful, but definitely for those who are already a fan of that classic rose scent and is perhaps not as universal in its appeal. I still think it's lovely, but then I like the scent of rose! The moisturiser is enriched with shea butter along with Omegas 3 and 6 which offer great hydrating and firming properties. It's a very rich cream that needs quite a lot of working in; great for a pamper evening where you want to slather yourself with lovely nourishing creams and also wonderful for those with dry skin. It does feel nice on the skin, but I must admit I prefer creams that soak in a little quicker (impatient one over here!). Whilst I love the bath oil and think it would make a great gift too, I don't think the quality or benefits of this cream justify the eye-watering £77 price-tag. It's a luxury, but certainly not an essential.

If any of these products tickle your fancy, you'll be even more pleased to hear that Dr Botanicals is a vegan, cruelty-free and 100% organic brand. It's so nice to see brands increasingly focusing on their ingredients as well as the environment surrounding our beauty world. I always love discovering new cruelty-free brands!

Do you love any lesser-known cruelty-free brands that I should hear about? Are you a fan of rose-scented things?

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