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While it's all so convenient to nip to your local supermarket and stock up on any snacks you may be craving, there is an increasing demand to support smaller start-ups and local business within society. Whilst there are tons of independent stores in my town of Brighton (in fact, I think Brighton is renowned for its championing of local produce), it may not be as easy to access these artisan producers elsewhere. Caprera is an online business which gathers a number of excellent independent resources into one convenient place; just take your pick from the goods on offer and get them delivered fresh straight to your door. Supporting smaller businesses has never been so easy!

Despite living in Brighton, and despite always thinking that I really should start buying my fruit and vegetables from the local market and treats from independent stores in the Lanes, convenience has always been an issue for me. Sainsburys is right on my doorstep, and I simply don't have the time to peruse the many local stores the beautiful town centre has to offer (or am too lazy to do so). I love the fact that Caprera has created an online artisan 'marketplace' to make it far easier and convenient for anyone to start supporting smaller businesses. Even if it's a treat every now and then when you remember to place an order, or more thoughtful place to buy little gifts for upcoming birthdays, Caprera is certainly fulfilling our wish of having everything conveniently in one place; after all, we love anything which requires minimal effort!

With a range of products, from cupboard essentials like oils, sauces and preserves, or fresh produce like cheeses and cured meats that'll make your dinner party significantly more stress-free, this online marketplace is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to invest in local, artisan food sources. Divided into easy-to-navigate categories, the website allows you to browse either by food type or even by brand if there's a particular item you are after. The sweet treats obviously caught my eye, and Caprera kindly sent a stack of Crosbies brownies, bag of homemade fudge and bottle of Wright's elderflower cordial-type drink. There's something a little luxurious about these items; small, additional detail (such as a ribbon tied around the bag of fudge, the glass bottle and the rustic looking labels) give that warm, homemade feel and remind you that your not just pumping money into a big corporation. Crosbies' goods average around £5 and a Meg's Cottage bag of fudge costs £3.65, so it doesn't exactly break the bank and would make great little gifts to pop into a thoughtful birthday hamper. Don't even get me started on the huge array of delicious teas Caprera has to offer....

Whilst there isn't a huge difference in the price you'd pay for these 'artisan' goods and supermarket goods, there is a noticeable difference in the quality. The ingredients taste better; it's like home-baking delivered to your door. Everything has that wonderfully comforting 'homemade' feel to it that you just don't get when you buy snacks and treats from the supermarket. Not only is Caprera's local produce marketplace an incredibly convenient place to pick up some goods (made fresh and delivered straight to your door for only £4.95), but you can tell each item has been made with real love and care. A great and delicious way to get into supporting local businesses without having to leave the comfort of your own home! I'm off to pop that elderflower drink into a nice gin-based concoction....

Would you try out a service like Caprera? Do you try and buy from local businesses, or does the ease of supermarkets overrule?

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