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I don't have an issue with my weight. I'm comfortable and happy with the body I love, but we all have those days where we look at ourselves and want to change part of it. Being a student, my diet pretty much only consists of bread and pasta (which really bloats my stomach and makes me look 5 months pregnant). Juggling uni, a job and this blog often catches up with me, and, even when I attempt to improve my diet, the stresses of life leave me feeling lethargic and the effects become visible on my body and skin. We all remember a short while ago when weight-loss teas were the coolest new thing, but instead of shedding pounds in the short term through those awful, laxative teas, I wanted something which would benefit my health and well-being more generally. Let me introduce Teagime.

Teagime label themselves as another 'teatox', but I believe they are far more than just this. Designed as a natural aid to weight loss, Teagime recognise that every person is different and has their own unique set of needs. Filling out a quick online form (asking what you want to get out of these teas) will generate a tea regime which includes blends unique to what you require. Your own personalised weight loss teas! In the pack (which arrived the next day!), I received three packets of tea and two infusers. They were:

Morning: Essence of Sunshine. Includes peppermint and spearmint to kickstart your metabolism and settle your stomach (perfect as I always feel sick after eating breakfast too early in the morning), pouchong tea and bee pollen, an ingredient packed full of amino acids and vitamins to encourage the regeneration of skin cells.

Afternoon: Goddess Hylde Moer. This contains a unique blend of elderflower and elderberry which helps to flush out toxins through the lymph glands, milk oolong to tell your body to burn fat and goji berries to promote healthy, supple skin.

Evening: Strawberry Kiss. This beautiful tea has vanilla to reduce those late-night hunger pangs and ease stress, rooibos tea and strawberry (a general health booster).

The morning tea has a very strong scent (which I was worried about), but it tastes totally different. It is light, very pepperminty and a lovely tea to wake yourself up with. The afternoon tea has a much more subtle taste and is a bit more fruity, while the evening one is so relaxing and perfect for anyone who loves rooibos tea! These sachets provide you with two weeks worth of tea (although I'm nearly coming to the end of this period and have some leftover). It's quite difficult to remember to drink them three times a day, especially as I'm here, there and everywhere and find myself having to pre-allocate my teas into little pots to take to uni and work in the morning. It's a bit of a hassle but a routine that's easy enough to get into. Each tea is absolutely delicious, and I've found it far easier than I thought to give up my beloved coffee. Beforehand, I relied on coffee to wake me up in the morning ahead of a busy day, but easing this out of my routine and replacing it with these natural, herbal concoctions has been so beneficial.

I feel like I have far more energy, the morning and evening teas have eased my bloating and my skin has benefited from the switch to these herbal teas. In two weeks, I have dropped around 3 pounds without massively changing my diet, so the weight loss aspect has seemed to work for me. However, I was not aiming for the teas to have that effect and am not bothered about whether I lost weight or not. I feel so much healthier, both physically and in my general well-being. I can confirm (with fear of being too 'TMI') that these teas don't have the horrid 'colon-cleansing', laxative effects that many teatoxes do. They are 100% natural, healthy loose leaf teas which are pretty bloomin' tasty too. You can personalise your teas depending on the benefits you want to see (for example, beating the flu during colder months, reducing stress, losing weight), allowing you to really see health improvements in one specific area. At £29.99 for 14 days, it isn't cheap, but I would totally recommend these teas if you wanted a little extra pep or see benefits in a specific area of your health; I never imagined that swapping out my usual tea and coffee for these concoctions three times a day would have such a big impact.

What do you think of these teatox ideas? Would you give this one a try?

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