Kissed By Mii: The Perfect Gradual Tan For A Subtle, Sun-Kissed Glow

Send me on a two-week holiday to the Caribbean and I won't tan at all. Whilst I'm so used to being horrifically pale that it doesn't really bother me anymore, it is nice to have a hint of healthy glow every now and then rather than looking permanently translucent. I've tried spray tans in the past and loved the results, but it's not something I can justify getting regularly due to a tight student budget. I apply self-tanning products far too clumsily, leaving myself blotchy and orange, and find that at-home tanning mist washes off far too quickly. While they're great for a quick fix, these gradual tanning lotions which are part of the Kissed by Mii range have filled the gap in my fake tan repertoire quite nicely.

Being so pale, it's tricky to find a tan which isn't glaringly obvious. I much prefer a subtle hint of colour, rather than a drastic change. Gradual tanning products have been around for ages, but never had a good reputation due to the orange streaks and patchiness you were left with. Times have changed, and these gradual tanning lotions by Kissed by Mii have totally changed my outlook on tanning. Instead of being scared about going a colour far too dark for me, these are so incredibly natural and just leave you with a subtle bronzed result. If you don't tan when you go out in the sun, this will provide you with that natural colour you should've developed naturally.

While I find myself using the face lotion far less than the body products (I prefer using a bit of bronzer or a slightly darker foundation shade), it is very lightweight, non-sticky and non-greasy. I was actually amazed by this, and was expecting it to take ages to soak into my skin before leaving a slightly greasy feeling. Nope, none of that whatsoever. In fact, I found it quite moisturising, supposedly aided by the inclusion of marine extracts such as sea lavender (regenerating), inula flower (firming) and coral seaweed (hydrating). You're left with a super-subtle hint of colour which absorbs evenly to leave your face streak-free.

The body lotion is by far my favourite of the two, and definitely one I use the most. It's so beautifully soft on your skin and provides a wonderful nourishing effect. These products are essentially fab moisturisers which leave you with a gorgeous sun-kissed look. The marine mineral extracts in the body cream include red seaweed (protect & repair), green algae (softness & elasticity) and coral seaweed again to leave your skin beautifully conditioned. I find this lotion gives my limbs the perfect amount of colour and looks so natural; I never feel 'overdone' as these gradual tans are designed to work with even the fairest of skin tones.

Both of these have a 'marine' scent; I don't know what exactly this is, but it's lovely, light, uplifting and not overwhelming in the slightest. (Think generic moisturiser smell). While you are supposed to use these as a daily tan boost, I am far too forgetful to stick to this vigorous routine. Instead, I've been using them 2/3 times a week as an overnight moisturiser to allow the tan to develop, before washing off in my morning shower to leave a natural bronzed look. I love these products; I'm always so wary of going too dark with my tan, so these are a great compromise that allows me to gradually build it up without any fears of it going streaky or orange at all. What's even better is that the formula is paraben free, not tested on animals and the packaging is some of the cutest I've seen in a while. During these colder months it's so lovey to have these more subtle products just to give you that sneaky bit of colour while we wait for the sun to make a grand appearance.

What do you think of gradual tans? Do you prefer them to other forms of fake tan?

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  1. How gorgeous is the packaging! I really love gradual tan, I used to use it all the time, it's just so much easier to get right!

    Sammy xo.

    1. Yes, I love the ability to build your colour to avoid overdoing it! The packaging is beautiful, isn't it?! xx

  2. When it comes to the summer months, you can never quite rely on the British weather to provide the sunshine in order to give your skin the dose of vitamin D. Fake tanning has revolutionised in the past few years, and allows people to grab the bottle and give their skin that sun kissed glow.


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