The Lightweight Overnight Miracle Treatment: The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum-In-Oil

If there's one piece of skin care advice which I have truly lived by in the past year, it is regularly using a face oil. For anyone, like myself, who has temperamental and often dry skin, these oils can be an absolute saviour in replenishing that moisture and leaving an abundance of radiance. However, face oils can be quite heavy (especially on young skin), even when used sparingly, so I only reserve them for use a few times a week as a special pick-me-up skin treatment. I love the glowing, youthful look oils leave my skin with after I use them, but I am wary of overloading my skin too much on a daily basis. This is where The Body Shop steps in with their miracle Vitamin E serum-in-oil.

This little, baby-pink bottle has become a holy grail product for me recently. Whilst formulated in the style of your standard face oils, this product will also provide your skin with all the benefits of a serum too. Serums are a great skin care step to use in between cleansing and moisturising, and boosts your skin with an intensive shot of concentrated ingredients before you put on your daily creams or overnight treatments. In a world where we're busier than ever and are always looking for more shortcuts to take in our beauty regimes, this is a fantastic 2-in-1 product which allows your skin to reap the benefits of a serum as well as the oils which are so renowned for making skin look incredibly radiant.

Another aspect of the product I am loving is the thinner formula. As said, I often find oils quite heavy on my skin (it's so easy to accidentally overload skin), and due to the more serum-like formula of this Body Shop product, they have created something a lot more suitable for daily use. It's quite watery (far more than what you would be used to with a face oil), but still packed full of enough goodness to leave your skin looking nourished and youthful the next morning. Whilst you may think thicker oil = more hydration, this Body Shop serum-in-oil is in fact more than enough for a decent overnight treatment.

Simply pop a few drops onto your fingertips, massage the oil between your fingers to warm it slightly, then pat around your face. I often then massage the oil in with my fingertips as a pre-bedtime pamper; the subtle scent is not in the slightest overpowering or irritating, but simply adds to the luxurious feel of the treatment. I've found this has done a great job at nourishing my dry skin during these colder winter months, and even when my skin isn't so dry, it still provides me with wonderful, subtly radiant results that are totally visible after one use. If you want to dabble in face oils but are worried about overloading your skin, or want to try something that'll ease dryness, this Body Shop product is perfect for you (plus you get all the benefits of a serum too!). At £15 it won't break the bank either.

Have you tried this Body Shop Vitamin E oil? What do you think of face oils in general?

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