Merumaya: The Skincare Trio That's Upped My Face Game

If you've read any of my previous skincare posts, you'll find that my face is very temperamental. Any slight change in stress levels or weather and my skin flares up with dryness, making me look like a flaky, scaly lizard-girl. No matter how much I moisturise, exfoliate and prime, my make-up just never sits right, and you can still see the dryness seeping through from underneath. As we're heading into colder months now, I thought I would change up my skincare routine in an attempt to get one step ahead of the dryness. This Merumaya trio have been perfect in taming my dry skin so far, and the combination of cleansing balm, serum and moisturiser have just been dreamy to use.

Meumaya, the brain-child of Maleka Dattu, is a British anti-aging skincare range. The products are very similar to Lancome and provide a similar high quality result for a lower price point- if you're a Lancome lover, definitely keep an eye out for this brand! The melting cleansing balm comes in a quite a large squeezy tube- something a bit different to the pots which require you to scoop a little out and work it before it melts onto your face. While it was a bit odd not having to work the product before applying it, I am absolutely loving how efficient it is. Squeeze a little blob onto your fingers and massage straight  onto your face to lift up any dirt, grime or make-up that needs taking off, before wiping away with a warm, damp cloth. It really is as simple as notch for convenience! This beautiful balm doesn't leave your face feeling greasy or oily at all and does an amazing job at taking off all your make-up at the end of a long day. It feels nourishing, luxurious, and only costs £15.50!

While thee cleansing balm is hands-down my favourite of the three, the iconic youth serum and youth preservation moisturiser are also heavenly to use. They are a lot more expensive than the cleansing balm at £35.50 and £29.50 respectively, and whether they are 100% worth the money could be up for debate. The serum is fabulous for smoothing and soothing skin after using the cleansing balm, and truly leaves skin with a touch of radiance that sits gorgeously underneath a foundation. I have found I need to work the moisturiser a tad before I apply, as the formula has a bit of a weird, clumpy texture (maybe it is just mine?!). Regardless, despite it being quite a thick moisturiser, it absorbs so quickly and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy and 'slathered on', which I often find with some thicker products. The scent is a bit different (and I wasn't keen on it at first) but I have totally grown to love it; that would have been my only fault in the products, as it may be a 'love it'/ 'hate it' reaction. Overall, all three products have kept my dry skin at bay and left my face feeling so hydrated, so I would without a doubt recommend them to any fellow dry-skinned gals!

Have you tried Merymaya? Do you prefer to use cleansing balms?

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  1. Love the sound of the cleansing balm, that is basic my essential product lately! My skin is SO bad from christmas stress too don't even know why I worry so much haha so much pressure xxx


    1. Aww, you shouldn't stress at Christmas! I would really recommend the cleansing balm; it injects a little bit of pamper time into your morning/evening routine. xxx


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