Little Ondine: The Magical No-Fumes, Peel-Off Nail Varnish (That's Cruelty-Free Too!)

Innovation is one of the most exciting things in the world of beauty. It's those moments when something is created and you think, 'why did nobody do that before?!'. My love for nail varnish has been a fraught one. When I lived in my parent's home, I adored painting my nails and trying out all forms of spangly nail art- it was a bit of creative 'me time'. However, it used to drive my Dad (an ex-paint sprayer) absolutely mad- the strong, nail varnish fumes gave him a headache and I was banished outdoors to decorate my talons. The smell of nail varnish is a bit like marmite; some don't mind it, others can't stand it. So, it's strange to think nothing had been done about this fumy scent...until Little Ondine came about.

These gorgeous little nail varnishes are something every beauty-lover needs to get their hands on. Not only are they cruelty-free and vegan-friendly (one of the only nail varnish brands to take this stance), but they have managed to eradicate the dreaded fumes that come with painting your nails. In its place is a delicate, light scent that is nowhere near as heady as its ancestors'. Made up of natural resin, organic colourants and water, this nail varnish will hydrate your nails (rather than drying them out like most do), allowing you to keep your nails in healthy condition whilst still painting them pretty colours. YAY!

The colours are just as bright and bold as any other nail varnish range and the formula dries so quickly, meaning it is easier than ever to build up your colour (if necessary) and layer it up (if you fancy playing around with nail art styles). Because of its all-natural ingredients list, the lack of toxic scent means that you can apply your nail varnish wherever you want without getting funny looks. (We all hate those people that do their nails on the train and stink the whole carriage out, don't we?) To make these wonderful little varnishes even better, there is no need to reach for the drying, chemical-filled nail varnish remover once you decide to change colour. The coat of nail varnish simply peels off, without damaging the nail underneath or delicate skin around them. While this is an amazing feature, the resin does mean that the nail varnish dries up a bit quicker than usual, but this can be overcome through gently warming the polish up before use.

Enchanting and Respite

Peach Crumble and Waltz

In the photos are shades Waltz (glitter varnish), Peach Crumble (light pink/nude shade), Silence (transparent with a matte finish), Enchanting (a metallic burgundy) and Respite (a dark green shimmery shade). All colours have their own little story that can be found online with them; a little added detail that's oh-so adorable! I honestly can't find fault in these nail varnishes; strong colour, vegan, cruelty-free, odourless and it peels off! Now Little Ondine have taken a stand in the nail varnish world, there is no excuse for other brands to keep creating fumy, toxic ranges that are tested on animals. Hopefully this is the start of a new era of innovation in nail varnishes, and Little Ondine are certainly leading the way.

 Have you heard of Little Ondine? Do you think more nail varnishes should follow their lead?

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  1. Enchanting and respite are so beautiful! I was really impressed with these as I hadn't seen anything like it, whilst I couldn't peel them off that well they are definitely so much better for your nails and thank god for no smell when I am travelling and painting! xxx

    1. I can't believe I hadn't discovered them sooner! They're amazing, and so many colours to choose from! xxx


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