Old Favourites! 3 Products I've Rediscovered And Am Loving

Hands up; who is guilty of constantly buying into new beauty launches without making the most of the products you have in your stash already? I know I am, which is why I've recently started making the effort to sort through my make-up, chuck away all the old stuff, and dig out some treasures that I'd completely forgotten about. And OHMYGAWD there are so many! I never realised I owned so many beauty products until I started this mammoth task! Anyway, I digress; these three are products I used to use so much but have gotten lost amongst all my new shiny purchases. Sometimes, we need to take the time to realise what we already have instead of running out to buy the latest Benefit launch!

No7 Intelligent Colour Foundation (£15.50)

I did actually review this foundation a while ago, and for ages it was my go-to base product every morning. My skin is really bad at the moment, and I'm really suffering from some awful dryness despite my skincare routine being tip-top. This super-light formula is a pleasure to wear, and is so silky smooth that it doesn't even feel like you have anything on your skin. It's really giving my skin a break from heavier foundation, giving it a chance to breathe and recover without having to go totally make-up free. Intelligent Colour is pretty self-explanatory; it's a 'one colour fits all' formula which adapts to your natural skin tone. Best blended in with fingers, the foundation melts into your skin seamlessly and is a top choice for a quick-fix effortless look. I love it.

no7 intelligent colour foundation review

Bourjois Eau De Gloss

After a quick search, this product actually isn't available to buy on the Bourjois, Boots or Superdrug site anymore (oops), which is a real shame because it's a lip gloss I have a particular love for. My favourite thing about this gloss is that it's not sticky; it feels so lovely on your lips, while little flecks of glitter within the nude colour gives that small hint of shimmer I always look for. Being totally different from the other brighter coloured glosses I own, this natural shade is perfect for everyday wear, looks totally effortless and can complete any make-up look. Why did they ever discontinue it?!

bourjois eau de gloss nude

MAC Prep + Prime Primer (£21)

Primer is a beauty product that is essential in your skincare and make-up routine. Not only does it even your skin tone and texture, but it helps your foundation last so much longer. It really does make a huge difference, but I have a real love-hate relationship with it. I rarely come across a primer that I really love; they either dry my skin out or are too hydrating that they don't do the job of helping my make-up stay put. With my skin being incredibly temperamental at the moment, I thought I'd dig out this sample I received a while ago and give it a whirl. Guess what? It's the perfect balance of nourishing and smoothing. I don't feel like it's overly packed with silicones, but my skin feels so smoothed out after using it; plus I have definitely noticed an increased longevity in my foundation wear since giving MAC a go!

mac prep and prime primer review

What are some of your old favourites? Are you also guilty of disregarding the oldies in favour of new launches?

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  1. OMIGOD that Bourjois lipgloss was discontinued in 2009, meaning it's at least six years old - BIN IT! X

    1. NOO WAAAAY! OMG! 2009?! Has it really been that long?!

  2. oooo, that No7 foundation seems like a really good summer foundation tend to go off full coverage in hot weather. I think I'll be investing!!
    Sasha xx

    1. It's a fab summer foundation and feels so silky on! xx


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