Lancome Visionnaire Trio: Skincare Solution and Correction Creams

Since forever, my mum has sworn by Boots No7 skincare range. She follows a set skincare routine both morning and night, and sees incredible results as a consequence. She recently added a new step to this Boots-orientated routine; a trio of Lancome Visionnaire creams and serums. After receiving a free sample of the Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector, she became hooked and these three have become a staple in her skincare routine since. The trio includes the Advanced Skin Corrector, Advanced Multi-Correcting Cream and the Advanced Eye Contour Perfecting Corrector. (Could they make these names any longer?!)

Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector

Aside from the very alcohol-y scent, this serum feels beautiful and nourishing on the skin. Specifically designed to combat wrinkles, pores and uneven skin texture, this serum can be used both day and night to smooth skin and make it feel more supple. My mum uses this only at night over her Boots No7 moisturiser, and says that it definitely lives up to its claims. She notes that the fine lines around her mouth have been visibly reduced, and her skin feels more taut. A pleasure to use, this formula refreshes and smooths skin, leaving a noticeable glow and radiance (much like the Lancome Advanced Genefique). It's an extremely light serum, yet still adds all necessary moisture to your skin; she would recommend it for all skin types.

Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Multi-Correcting Cream

This is the product my mum uses the least out of these three. Having quite delicate and sensitive skin, she finds the creamy consistency of this product a tad too thick for her- reserving it largely for use as an overnight treatment. This is a more intensive version of the serum described above, but the heavier formula leaves her skin feeling slightly greasy. As a result, the multi-correcting cream is probably not the desirable option for those with oily skin. Despite the heavier texture, this cream absorbs into the skin a lot quicker than her No7 counterparts and does feel nice on. The few times she did try this out, my mum again noticed a reduction in the visibility of fine lines around her mouth- her problem area.

Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Eye Contour Perfecting Corrector

Being increasingly wary of fine lines appearing around her eyes, my mum adores this product. A little of this cream goes a long way; the tiniest blob is needed to cover both eyes, so you really do get a lot of use for your money. She reaffirms Lancome's claims that this eye cream reduces lines, puffiness and dark circles, creating a smoother, more even texture around your eyes. The formula is soothing on such a delicate area, is lightweight and soaks in fairly quickly. She would definitely recommend this, particularly for overnight use.

The serum and eye cream are definite winners, and truly make a difference to fine lines when used consistently for 3-4 weeks. Skin certainly appears smoother, and the products are generally just a pleasure to use. They aren't exactly cheap (the multi-correcting cream and skin corrector are £60 each, while the eye cream is £40), but they do what they say on the tin. If you're willing to splash out, you definitely get what you pay for. It is always worth getting samples from department stores to see whether they suit your skin, but remember you won't start seeing results with any skincare products until after a few weeks use.

Would you splash the cash for Lancome Visionnaire?



  1. ALWAYS willing to splash out and try new brands for eye creams as my bags are bad and I am scared of wrinkles, although because my skin is blemished I have to skip most other things :( Such a shame xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. My mum said it's definitely worth the money, although I think it's main quality is reducing the visibility of fine lines, not preventing them :) xxx

  2. No matter your skin type, there is something that will work well with it. I love the line!

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