One For The Students: How To Juggle University and Blogging

Lately, I've been really struggling to juggle a heap of university work and posting three times a week on this site. Three posts a week may not seem a lot, but when you mix that amongst reading, seminars, lectures, dissertation, other assignments, and (of course) maintaining a healthy social life, it becomes tricky to come up with fresh content, photograph what needs to be photographed and edit. Before, I've found myself behind on reading because I'm too busy stressing out about which lipstick I should review, or worrying because the lighting isn't quite right in a recent batch of photos. I want this site to be successful, but I also want to graduate with a first and progress to further education. While sometimes, like at the moment, it is a struggle, I strongly believe it is possible to have both. Here's some bits of advice for you students who are finding it a bit tough to study and blog at the same time, from someone who is feeling the same!

1. Plan, schedule, plan, schedule some more.

I often get serious writer's block. I can go for weeks with no motivation to write anything, or come up with fresh, interesting ideas. When you have a lightbulb moment or are feeling the blogging bug, grab a notepad and brainstorm all the ideas that are in your head. Things you're loving, things you're not, things you have a particularly strong opinion on at the time, things you want to help or advise people with. All of these random thoughts have the potential to become a great post, so jot them all down when you have the chance and save them for later, when you're running out of blogging steam. Scheduling on blogger is also a lifesaver, and means you don't have to worry about what time you need to publish your latest post- it does it all for you!

2. Bulk write.

When you have the time- maybe a week where you don't have any deadlines or heavy reading- dedicate a few hours to purely writing content for your blog. It may be gruelling at the time, but you'll be thanking yourself later. At the weekend, I make sure I put time aside to write 3 posts, meaning I have everything for the next week done and dusted. Bulk writing reviews, advice posts and the sort means you will always have content there whilst keeping your blog up to date and relevant. Seeing you have eight posts pre-written will put a smile on your face on those days where you can't be bothered to do anything (including getting changed out of your PJs).

3. Be realistic.

Ideally, I would love to post every day in order to keep content fresh and boost the success of my blog. However, with third year uni pressure building every week, I know this isn't realistic. In fact, many weeks I can barely manage to post three times because I'm so bogged down with reading and essays (and catching up with How To Get Away With Murder). Finding the number of posts which is manageable for you is vital, and ensures your blog gets attention without letting your uni work suffer. And if you need to take a break, do it! We all have lives outside our blogs, and if those lives need attention, then let your blog take a backseat. I can almost guarantee your readers will still be there when you return.

4. Priorities!

Yes, blogging is amazing. But sometimes we need to take a step back and have some perspective. If you're not getting the grades you want, or you find yourself doing tomorrow's seminar reading at 2am, maybe ease of the blogging and put more focus into your work. Ultimately, school, college or university is your priority. Put studying first, and leave time for blogging afterwards as a reward for finishing work. It may be fun at the time, but you'll kick yourself afterwards if you end up under-achieving just because you spent too much time editing photos instead of editing your essay.

5. Productive procrastination.

No matter how much of a workaholic you are (I know- I'm a self-confessed one), everyone needs a break from studying. Set yourself a study schedule or timetable; use blogging as a form of productive procrastination. Ok, you're putting off doing that dissertation research, so instead of trawling Netflix, channel that procrastination energy into doing something productive, like blogging. Afterwards, you won't feel like you've wasted three hours; you may not have done your work but you've written a couple of posts. It'll make you feel more positive about your use of time and benefit your blog. An easy and effective way of weaving blogging into your study schedule. If you're not one to procrastinate, schedule blogging breaks. I usually complete a piece of reading, then take a 30 minute break in which I can get some blogging work done. It's a refreshing way of keeping your brain active; blogging should be seen as a fun break and not a chore!

How do you manage your studying and running a blog? What advice would you give?



  1. Really great advice Sophie. I didn't realise how difficult it would be to juggle teacher training and my blog. You are doing an amazing job though chick - love reading your blog! :) Helen xx (

    1. Thank you so much Helen! A lot of time organisation is needed xx

  2. Oh my god that picture of your dog....SO FREAKING CUTE ;-;
    I find three posts a week A LOT, actually. Back when I was still in uni, I was struggling to dump out 1-2 posts a week, but that's because I'm piss poor at time management and would rather watch tv in my off-time, ahahaha (still need to check out How To Get Away With Murder!). It does make me sad when people constantly apologise for lack of posts, especially when their lives have been super busy!

    1. I think there's a real pressure to churn out x amount of posts in order to make your blog successful/ readers happy. But, to be honest, I really do think quality is better than quantity with blogging. And thank you- my dog is the biggest poser ever x

  3. I'm so disorganised when it comes to balancing Uni and Blogging. I usually just do my blogging in the ten minutes I have free in my day :P It's definitely a tough job though! xx

    1. Definitely! I've found it's become easier once you become dedicated to organising your time with blogging included xx


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