Skin Art: Birds and Clouds

Noticing that I had some Skin Art nail stickers left over, I thought I'd create this look. They make for a fab nail accessory and they actually lasted a lot longer than I expected.

First of all, after applying a clear strengthening base coat, I used a couple of coats of Collection's 'Hot Looks' BMX Bandit (32). Once that had dried, I applied a bit of Collection's 'French White' (103) onto an unused make-up sponge.

After dabbing off any excess white polish, I then gently sponged the white onto the tip of the nail, creating a gradient-like effect. When using this technique the nail varnish dries almost instantly, meaning that I could place the sticker onto the nail pretty much straight away.

Literally 'flipping the bird'

I chose to only use one bird sticker per hand, creating a statement nail on the middle finger nail. Once each sticker was in place and smoothed down, I covered them with a coat of clear varnish just to make sure they were properly sealed in.

Have you tried Skin Art's nail stickers?


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