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Last week, I wrote about a new form of nail art that's hitting the market- nail stickers. The first I'd heard of them was through a brand called Skin Art, but I ended up buying Andrea Fulerton nail stickers; a cheaper brand albeit with less designs.

I managed to find some Skin Art nail tattoos in Boots when I popped back to Brighton earlier this week, and wondered how they would compare to the cheaper brand I'd previously tried. For £5.99, Skin Art offered a couple more designs; I preferred their designs to the Andrea Fulerton ones so thought I'd try them out.

The stickers are a lot thinner than the cheaper ones, making them fiddlier to use. I found them far more difficult to stick on to the nail, and although I liked the designs, ranging from birds to bows and hearts, I really don't like how flimsy they are. They rip and fold far too easily, and even with a clear coat over the top are not as smooth as the cheaper versions.

For a bit more money, I expected them to be a bit better quality than what I got. That said, when you've mastered the art of applying them properly, they do look really good on, and I do prefer the fact that they are black rather than a metallic colour. I used bows over a light pink Collection 2000 varnish, and the anchors over blue and white stripes created using strips of Scotch tape, which I've used in a previous post

Skin Art also sell a range of body tattoo stickers to go with their nail range, with most priced at £4.99. The nail stickers are available at most Boots stores for £5.99.

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