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As a self-confessed lipgloss/lipstick addict, I couldn't help stumbling across these beauties in the Collection [2000] (what do I call them now?!) stand. Although I promised myself not to buy any more as I have more than plenty at home, these lovely little Creampuff 'glosses magically appeared in my hand and I trotted off to the till.

A big however is needed now. These lipglosses are different from all the other ones I own- quite a rarity seeing as there's only so much variety you can have with about 30 lipglosses. Instead of that sticky, glossy texture you normally get, these are more of a silky cream (the clue's in the name). .

What else makes them stand out from the lipglossy crowd is the colour. Usually, there seems to be a bright packaging with lipglosses, claiming that's what colour the product is, but is soon clouded by a disappointing reality of a paler, sticky, faded colour when you put it on your lips.

With Flash: Top- 'Fairy Cake', Bottom- 'Cotton Candy'

The colour of these Creampuff lipglosses when they're on is not only the same, at least very similar, to the colour shown in the packaging, but are in themselves gorgeous, bold tones of pinks and corals. Most I own are some form of light or dark pink with a hint of shimmer, but these are matte, single-toned colours- the fact that there isn't any added glitter probably helps the colour to burst through more.

I bought these Collection 2000 wonders in 'Fairy Cake', a pink with slight coral hues and 'Cotton Candy', a beautiful mid-pink, and they are two of the best colours I own. They really stand out on your lips, but don't make you seem overdone unlike some bright colours. Somehow, the combination of a matte effect and a solid block colour creates a rather chic yet understated look- something I think is a real selling point to this product.

'Fairy Cake' and 'Cotton Candy' Without Flash

The application is really smooth, and although they are applied like and have the consistency of a lipgloss, they feel like a lipstick when on in the sense that there is no shine or stickiness from the usual gloss. When I first started using this product, it actually felt a bit strange to be wearing a bizarre combo of the best-of-both-worlds, but it's easy to get used to. It's quite difficult to describe, but it feels smooth, almost like a cream eyeshadow or blusher (but on your lips), and you don't need a lot of it as the colour comes through with just a couple of swipes.

The only problem I do have with this product is that it doesn't last long at all. I don't know if it's the cream texture, the matte effect or what but the colour seems to spread to the outside of my lips very quickly. I'd actually rather it faded than spread- at least then it doesn't seem as though it's had a dodgy application.

'Fairy Cake' Creampuff applied
But, seeing as that's the only problem I have with it, and the fact that they only cost £2.99 in Boots (although I swear I got them for cheaper than that in Superdrug- maybe they were on offer), it's pretty much a regular in my make-up bag now.

I'd definitely recommend it if you wanted a really gorgeous colour change or wanted to try something a little bit different- a lipgloss with a twist. It's also available in 'Powder Puff', a much paler colour, or 'Angel Delight' which has more brown hues.

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