'Just Bitten' Lipstain

With every brand under the cosmetic sun bringing out their own range of lip stains, I thought it was time to try some out.

Scouring the aisles of Boots, I found these lip stains by Revlon as part of their 'Just Bitten' range, and initially bought 'Frenzy'- a gorgeous, rich dark pink colour.

 The great thing about this product is that, unlike a few other lip stains out there, there is a lip balm on the other end to add a bit of moisture and gloss. Although you wouldn't think you would necessarily need this, it really helps to break up a look that could end up seeming like you've grabbed a felt-tip pen and drawn onto lips.

I'd never used a lip stain before, and was really apprehensive of both whether it would actually last or work, and if it did, how long exactly it would stay on! The colour is actually quite dark when it's on- each one's a good shade darker than on the packaging and pretty much nothing like the swatches on the Boots or Superdrug websites.

I also tried a more natural brown-ish colour from the same range called 'Forbidden' and also a bright red called 'Flame' (although the online picture says it's pink). I was more disappointed with these, especially after how much I loved the colour of 'Frenzy'- the red is really bright, almost too bright, and the brown does not suit my skintone at all. I'd possibly go as far as to say I hate the brown colour, but it would probably look lovely on more tanned skintones; I'm too pale for these two colours!

Top: 'Flame', Middle: ''Forbidden', Bottom: 'Frenzy'
The first time I used these lip stains I actually had quite a lot of trouble trying to get it off! That's one of the things I'm really undecided about- the staining aspect is great if you know the colour suits you well, but if it's a blind shot and it turns out you don't like it, your lips are stuck with a hint of that colour for the rest of the day.

With flash- Top: 'Flame', Middle: 'Forbidden', Bottom: 'Frenzy'
Without flash- L-R: 'Frenzy', 'Forbidden', 'Flame'
For £7.99 each, I'd say they are a great product if you're looking for a bold, statement colour, know the colour you're getting is one you definitely like, feel comfortable wearing it and you know will suit you. If you're looking to find a more muted colour that you haven't tried before though, I'd search through a few lipsticks first!

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