Primark Beauty Travel Pots- Perfect For Holidays!

This may seem like a bit of a random post, but I picked these up in Primark the other day and they are just so handy I thought I would share the love. If you're going on holiday this summer, or just always struggle when it comes to packing your beauty products when you travel, these would be perfect for you. Primark have always done little travel containers in varying sizes which come in a clear bag (ideal for hand luggage)- we always use them for shampoo, sun cream and shower gels when we go away. They only cost £1 so are a bit of a bargain, and when I nipped into the Brighton store recently to have a browse I saw they had added to their travel range.

Now, some little plastic pots may not seem like the most fancy beauty thing I've ever written about, but they are so useful and practical and sometimes that can be just as exciting (just me?)! Primark now do squeezable versions of their usual containers (fab for not having to scrape out the remaining product from the bottom of the tube), and these skincare pots which I am all over.

For just £1.50 you get a selection of 5 pots, each varying in size- the largest being great for a hair mask or big pot of moisturiser, and the smallest being the perfect size for liquid foundation. I am forever relying on reusing the little sample pots you can get from beauty counters, so I am very happy that I've found an alternative that's also cheap as chips. Although I don't go on holiday very often, I am always travelling to see family at weekend; these pots will save me a lot of room in my overnight bag (and leave more space for train snacks).

So, if you've got your summer vaycay coming up or if you're heading off to any festivals then definitely pop into Primark and stock up on these!

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